Alabama Counties

Alabama, One of the 50 states that make up the United States of America is Alabama. Its capital is Montgomery, and Birmingham is its most populous city. It is located in the country's South Region, Southeast Central Division. It is bordered by Tennessee to the north, Georgia to the east, with the Chattahoochee River forming the southern half of this boundary, Florida and the Gulf of Mexico to the south, and Mississippi to the west. On 14 December 1819, as state number 22, he was admitted to the Union.. There are 67 county in Alabama. You can find the list of these counties and detailed information from the links below.

Jefferson County
Jefferson County

Jefferson County, population 655,342

Mobile County
Mobile County

Mobile County, population 412,716

Madison County
Madison County

Madison County, population 379,453

Known as the Heart of Dixie, Alabama contains 67 counties ranging from bustling metropolitan areas to rural agricultural communities. Here are some notable counties:

Jefferson County - Home to Birmingham, the most populous city in Alabama, Jefferson County has over 658,000 residents. Birmingham is a business, banking, healthcare, and education center.

Mobile County - Located along the Gulf Coast, Mobile County encompasses the historic port city of Mobile. Major industries include shipbuilding, aerospace, and tourism.

Madison County - Part of the booming Huntsville metro area, Madison County contains thriving aerospace and technology sectors. Huntsville is known as "Rocket City.”

Montgomery County - As home to the state capital Montgomery, this central Alabama county is an important political and cultural hub. Civil rights history shapes Montgomery.

Clarke County - On the Alabama-Mississippi border, rural Clarke County maintains a quaint, old-fashioned atmosphere with covered bridges and pine forests.

From Mobile's Mardi Gras celebrations to the rocket science ingenuity of Huntsville to the rural charms of counties like Clarke, the diversity of Alabama's counties highlights everything from major universities to peanuts and cotton agriculture. There's something for everyone among these counties.

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County Name Population Cities
Autauga County 56,145 Autauga County cities
Baldwin County 229,287 Baldwin County cities
Barbour County 24,589 Barbour County cities
Bibb County 22,136 Bibb County cities
Blount County 57,879 Blount County cities
Bullock County 9,976 Bullock County cities
Butler County 19,504 Butler County cities
Calhoun County 113,469 Calhoun County cities
Chambers County 32,865 Chambers County cities
Cherokee County 26,294 Cherokee County cities
Chilton County 44,397 Chilton County cities
Choctaw County 12,418 Choctaw County cities
Clarke County 23,291 Clarke County cities
Clay County 13,112 Clay County cities
Cleburne County 14,967 Cleburne County cities
Coffee County 53,230 Coffee County cities
Colbert County 55,411 Colbert County cities
Conecuh County 11,851 Conecuh County cities
Coosa County 10,650 Coosa County cities
Covington County 36,930 Covington County cities
Crenshaw County 13,681 Crenshaw County cities
Cullman County 84,515 Cullman County cities
Dale County 48,959 Dale County cities
Dallas County 36,098 Dallas County cities
DeKalb County 71,658 DeKalb County cities
Elmore County 82,158 Elmore County cities
Escambia County 36,281 Escambia County cities
Etowah County 102,371 Etowah County cities
Fayette County 16,241 Fayette County cities
Franklin County 31,507 Franklin County cities
Geneva County 26,411 Geneva County cities
Greene County 7,990 Greene County cities
Hale County 14,670 Hale County cities
Henry County 17,223 Henry County cities
Houston County 106,580 Houston County cities
Jackson County 51,582 Jackson County cities
Jefferson County 655,342 Jefferson County cities
Lamar County 13,764 Lamar County cities
Lauderdale County 93,368 Lauderdale County cities
Lawrence County 32,857 Lawrence County cities
Lee County 166,831 Lee County cities
Limestone County 102,228 Limestone County cities
Lowndes County 9,641 Lowndes County cities
Macon County 17,895 Macon County cities
Madison County 379,453 Madison County cities
Marengo County 18,733 Marengo County cities
Marion County 29,703 Marion County cities
Marshall County 96,990 Marshall County cities
Mobile County 412,716 Mobile County cities
Monroe County 20,459 Monroe County cities
Montgomery County 224,639 Montgomery County cities
Morgan County 119,883 Morgan County cities
Perry County 8,687 Perry County cities
Pickens County 19,793 Pickens County cities
Pike County 32,966 Pike County cities
Randolph County 22,920 Randolph County cities
Russell County 58,237 Russell County cities
Saint Clair County 90,739 Saint Clair County cities
Shelby County 221,428 Shelby County cities
Sumter County 12,225 Sumter County cities
Talladega County 79,985 Talladega County cities
Tallapoosa County 40,133 Tallapoosa County cities
Tuscaloosa County 210,758 Tuscaloosa County cities
Walker County 63,143 Walker County cities
Washington County 15,976 Washington County cities
Wilcox County 10,206 Wilcox County cities
Winston County 23,508 Winston County cities

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