Georgia Counties

Georgia, state in the southeastern United States. There are 22 county in Georgia. You can find the list of these counties and detailed information from the links below.

Cobb County
Cobb County

Cobb County, population 762,944

Clayton County
Clayton County

Clayton County, population 292,646

Chatham County
Chatham County

Chatham County, population 289,463

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County Name Population
Calhoun County 6,231
Camden County 55,388
Candler County 10,985
Carroll County 121,633
Catoosa County 67,996
Charlton County 13,430
Chatham County 289,463
Chattahoochee County 10,551
Chattooga County 24,843
Cherokee County 265,274
Clarke County 127,795
Clay County 2,866
Clayton County 292,646
Clinch County 6,582
Cobb County 762,944
Coffee County 43,218
Colquitt County 45,542
Columbia County 160,377
Cook County 17,291
Coweta County 150,849
Crawford County 12,231
Crisp County 22,034