Georgia Counties

Georgia, state in the southeastern United States. There are 14 county in Georgia. You can find the list of these counties and detailed information from the links below.

Whitfield County
Whitfield County

Whitfield County, population 103,837

Walton County
Walton County

Walton County, population 96,875

Walker County
Walker County

Walker County, population 70,116

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County Name Population
Walker County 70,116
Walton County 96,875
Ware County 35,826
Warren County 5,232
Washington County 20,150
Wayne County 30,023
Webster County 2,595
Wheeler County 7,751
White County 31,094
Whitfield County 103,837
Wilcox County 8,502
Wilkes County 9,694
Wilkinson County 8,812
Worth County 19,972