Hertford County Cities & Towns

The largest city of Hertford County is Ahoskie with a population of 4,688. Other cities include, Murfreesboro population 2,868, Winton population 712, Cofield population 363, Harrellsville population 95

Cities, Towns, Neighborhoods & Other Populated Places in Hertford County.


Ahoskie, town

Murfreesboro, town in North Carolina, United States

Winton, city in North Carolina

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City Name Title County Population
Ahoskie Town 4,688
Murfreesboro Town in North Carolina, United States 2,868
Winton City in North Carolina 712
Cofield Human settlement in Hertford County, North Carolina, United States of America 363
Harrellsville Township in Hertford County, North Carolina 95
Como Town in North Carolina, United States 82