Wisconsin Counties

Wisconsin, state of the United States of America. There are 72 county in Wisconsin. You can find the list of these counties and detailed information from the links below.

Milwaukee County
Milwaukee County

Milwaukee County, population 945,016

Dane County
Dane County

Dane County, population 552,536

Waukesha County
Waukesha County

Waukesha County, population 406,172

Wisconsin is divided into 72 counties that vary in size, population, geography, and local culture. Here's an overview of the counties that make up America's Dairyland:

The most populous county is Milwaukee County, home to the city of Milwaukee and its surrounding suburbs. Other large counties include Dane County (Madison), Waukesha County (Waukesha), Brown County (Green Bay), Racine County (Racine), and Kenosha County (Kenosha). These counties comprise the major metropolitan areas of Wisconsin.

Some of the more rural counties with small populations include Florence, Menominee, Forest, Iron, Pepin, and Rusk counties, primarily located in northern Wisconsin. These forested and lake-dotted counties rely on timber, mining, agriculture, and outdoor tourism.

Along Lake Michigan, counties like Door, Kewaunee, Manitowoc, Sheboygan, and Ozaukee comprise the lakeshore region known for its waterfront cities and villages. Washington, Dodge, Jefferson, and Walworth counties make up the suburbanizing counties outside Milwaukee.

Central Wisconsin is known for its farmland and rolling hills. Major counties in this region include Portage, Wood, Marathon, Clark, and Adams counties. Common crops include corn, soybeans, hay, and cranberries.

The western side of the state along the Mississippi River is rugged and forested. Major counties like La Crosse, Trempealeau, Buffalo, and Pierce counties have a mix of farming, timber, recreation, and industrial economies.

So Wisconsin's 72 counties run the gamut from densely populated urban centers to remote wilderness areas, all contributing to the state's rich agricultural and cultural heritage. The counties serve to provide government services tailored to their distinct communities.

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County Name Population Cities
Adams County 20,498 Adams County cities
Ashland County 15,415 Ashland County cities
Barron County 45,090 Barron County cities
Bayfield County 15,242 Bayfield County cities
Brown County 264,610 Brown County cities
Buffalo County 13,033 Buffalo County cities
Burnett County 15,557 Burnett County cities
Calumet County 50,209 Calumet County cities
Chippewa County 64,737 Chippewa County cities
Clark County 34,720 Clark County cities
Columbia County 57,668 Columbia County cities
Crawford County 16,021 Crawford County cities
Dane County 552,536 Dane County cities
Dodge County 87,336 Dodge County cities
Door County 27,889 Door County cities
Douglas County 43,702 Douglas County cities
Dunn County 45,452 Dunn County cities
Eau Claire County 105,260 Eau Claire County cities
Florence County 4,298 Florence County cities
Fond du Lac County 102,902 Fond du Lac County cities
Forest County 8,960 Forest County cities
Grant County 51,021 Grant County cities
Green County 36,603 Green County cities
Green Lake County 18,908 Green Lake County cities
Iowa County 23,640 Iowa County cities
Iron County 5,698 Iron County cities
Jackson County 20,630 Jackson County cities
Jefferson County 85,038 Jefferson County cities
Juneau County 26,908 Juneau County cities
Kenosha County 169,671 Kenosha County cities
Kewaunee County 20,386 Kewaunee County cities
La Crosse County 118,502 La Crosse County cities
Lafayette County 16,646 Lafayette County cities
Langlade County 19,119 Langlade County cities
Lincoln County 27,566 Lincoln County cities
Manitowoc County 78,757 Manitowoc County cities
Marathon County 135,593 Marathon County cities
Marinette County 40,262 Marinette County cities
Marquette County 15,585 Marquette County cities
Menominee County 4,546 Menominee County cities
Milwaukee County 945,016 Milwaukee County cities
Monroe County 46,582 Monroe County cities
Oconto County 38,383 Oconto County cities
Oneida County 35,751 Oneida County cities
Outagamie County 188,766 Outagamie County cities
Ozaukee County 90,043 Ozaukee County cities
Pepin County 7,271 Pepin County cities
Pierce County 42,700 Pierce County cities
Polk County 43,794 Polk County cities
Portage County 71,032 Portage County cities
Price County 13,245 Price County cities
Racine County 195,802 Racine County cities
Richland County 17,258 Richland County cities
Rock County 163,084 Rock County cities
Rusk County 14,022 Rusk County cities
Saint Croix County 91,838 Saint Croix County cities
Sauk County 64,449 Sauk County cities
Sawyer County 16,700 Sawyer County cities
Shawano County 40,786 Shawano County cities
Sheboygan County 115,240 Sheboygan County cities
Taylor County 20,318 Taylor County cities
Trempealeau County 29,681 Trempealeau County cities
Vernon County 30,861 Vernon County cities
Vilas County 22,356 Vilas County cities
Walworth County 103,953 Walworth County cities
Washburn County 15,712 Washburn County cities
Washington County 136,445 Washington County cities
Waukesha County 406,172 Waukesha County cities
Waupaca County 50,664 Waupaca County cities
Waushara County 24,326 Waushara County cities
Winnebago County 171,631 Winnebago County cities
Wood County 72,560 Wood County cities

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