Idaho Counties

Idaho, state of the United States of America. There are 44 county in Idaho. You can find the list of these counties and detailed information from the links below.

Ada County
Ada County

Ada County, population 481,587

Canyon County
Canyon County

Canyon County, population 229,849

Kootenai County
Kootenai County

Kootenai County, population 165,697

With 44 counties, Idaho contains remote rural areas, small agricultural towns, and a few mid-sized cities. Here are some highlights of Idaho's county geography:

Ada County - Home to the capital and largest city Boise, Ada County has over 470,000 residents. As the most populous county, it is a business and technology hub.

Kootenai County - Located in the Idaho Panhandle, Kootenai County is known for its scenic landscapes from Lake Coeur d'Alene to the Coeur d'Alene National Forest. The city of Coeur d'Alene adds arts and culture.

Bannock County - Anchored by the city of Pocatello, Bannock County has about 85,000 residents. Important industries include education, manufacturing, and healthcare.

Bonneville County - The Snake River flows through Bonneville County, home to Idaho Falls. As one of Idaho's more populated counties, it contains major employers like the Idaho National Laboratory.

Canyon County - Situated in southwest Idaho, Canyon County has robust agricultural production. The county seat is Caldwell, with additional growth in Nampa.

Butte County - One of Idaho's least populated counties, Butte County has around 2,500 residents. Ranching is an important industry in this remote, rugged county.

The widely varying population sizes and economies of Idaho's far-flung counties exhibit the state's diverse landscapes, from booming cities to sparsely populated rural areas. Outdoor recreation also connects many counties.

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County Name Population Cities
Ada County 481,587 Ada County cities
Adams County 4,294 Adams County cities
Bannock County 87,808 Bannock County cities
Bear Lake County 6,125 Bear Lake County cities
Benewah County 9,298 Benewah County cities
Bingham County 46,811 Bingham County cities
Blaine County 23,021 Blaine County cities
Boise County 7,831 Boise County cities
Bonner County 45,739 Bonner County cities
Bonneville County 119,062 Bonneville County cities
Boundary County 12,245 Boundary County cities
Butte County 2,597 Butte County cities
Camas County 1,106 Camas County cities
Canyon County 229,849 Canyon County cities
Caribou County 7,155 Caribou County cities
Cassia County 24,030 Cassia County cities
Clark County 845 Clark County cities
Clearwater County 8,756 Clearwater County cities
Custer County 4,315 Custer County cities
Elmore County 27,511 Elmore County cities
Franklin County 13,876 Franklin County cities
Fremont County 13,099 Fremont County cities
Gem County 18,112 Gem County cities
Gooding County 15,179 Gooding County cities
Idaho County 16,667 Idaho County cities
Jefferson County 29,871 Jefferson County cities
Jerome County 24,412 Jerome County cities
Kootenai County 165,697 Kootenai County cities
Latah County 40,108 Latah County cities
Lemhi County 8,027 Lemhi County cities
Lewis County 3,838 Lewis County cities
Lincoln County 5,366 Lincoln County cities
Madison County 39,907 Madison County cities
Minidoka County 21,039 Minidoka County cities
Nez Perce County 40,408 Nez Perce County cities
Oneida County 4,531 Oneida County cities
Owyhee County 11,823 Owyhee County cities
Payette County 23,951 Payette County cities
Power County 7,681 Power County cities
Shoshone County 12,882 Shoshone County cities
Teton County 12,142 Teton County cities
Twin Falls County 86,878 Twin Falls County cities
Valley County 11,392 Valley County cities
Washington County 10,194 Washington County cities

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