Colorado Counties

Colorado, state of the United States of America. There are 64 county in Colorado. You can find the list of these counties and detailed information from the links below.

Denver County

Denver County, population 735,538

El Paso County
El Paso County

El Paso County, population 728,310

Arapahoe County
Arapahoe County

Arapahoe County, population 657,452

With its mountain peaks, sprawling plains, and desert landscapes, Colorado is home to 64 counties that encapsulate the state's adventurous spirit and natural beauty. Here are some notable counties:

Denver County - Encompassing the capital and largest city Denver, this county has nearly 700,000 residents. Denver is a business and transportation hub for the Rocky Mountain region.

El Paso County - Home to Colorado Springs, El Paso County sits along the Front Range. With over 720,000 residents, military bases and natural attractions drive the economy.

Jefferson County - Located in the Denver metropolitan area, Jefferson County offers a mix of urban and suburban communities. Outdoor recreation in the Rocky Mountains is popular.

Mesa County - With Grand Junction as its seat, Mesa County resides on Colorado's Western Slope. Ranching, mining, and wineries thrive in this rural county of over 150,000.

La Plata County - Encompassing the scenic city of Durango, La Plata County provides access to the San Juan Mountains. Tourism, ranching, and mining are important industries.

From urban Denver to the Rocky Mountains to the Western Slope, Colorado's diverse and often isolated counties each have their own personality and way of life rooted in local history and terrain. These unique counties come together to create the colorful tapestry of the Centennial State.

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County Name Population Cities
Adams County 519,883 Adams County cities
Alamosa County 16,180 Alamosa County cities
Arapahoe County 657,452 Arapahoe County cities
Archuleta County 14,196 Archuleta County cities
Baca County 3,555 Baca County cities
Bent County 5,356 Bent County cities
Boulder County 327,171 Boulder County cities
Broomfield County 72,236 Broomfield County cities
Chaffee County 20,661 Chaffee County cities
Cheyenne County 1,795 Cheyenne County cities
Clear Creek County 9,586 Clear Creek County cities
Conejos County 8,143 Conejos County cities
Costilla County 3,921 Costilla County cities
Crowley County 5,696 Crowley County cities
Custer County 5,183 Custer County cities
Delta County 31,067 Delta County cities
Denver County 735,538 Denver County cities
Dolores County 2,096 Dolores County cities
Douglas County 360,750 Douglas County cities
Eagle County 54,929 Eagle County cities
El Paso County 728,310 El Paso County cities
Elbert County 27,313 Elbert County cities
Fremont County 47,867 Fremont County cities
Garfield County 60,366 Garfield County cities
Gilpin County 6,235 Gilpin County cities
Grand County 15,794 Grand County cities
Gunnison County 17,593 Gunnison County cities
Hinsdale County 808 Hinsdale County cities
Huerfano County 6,883 Huerfano County cities
Jackson County 1,389 Jackson County cities
Jefferson County 583,283 Jefferson County cities
Kiowa County 1,458 Kiowa County cities
Kit Carson County 7,121 Kit Carson County cities
La Plata County 56,564 La Plata County cities
Lake County 7,987 Lake County cities
Larimer County 360,428 Larimer County cities
Las Animas County 14,420 Las Animas County cities
Lincoln County 5,680 Lincoln County cities
Logan County 21,974 Logan County cities
Mesa County 155,603 Mesa County cities
Mineral County 773 Mineral County cities
Moffat County 13,144 Moffat County cities
Montezuma County 26,408 Montezuma County cities
Montrose County 43,322 Montrose County cities
Morgan County 28,941 Morgan County cities
Otero County 18,201 Otero County cities
Ouray County 5,001 Ouray County cities
Park County 18,955 Park County cities
Phillips County 4,367 Phillips County cities
Pitkin County 17,894 Pitkin County cities
Prowers County 12,106 Prowers County cities
Pueblo County 169,823 Pueblo County cities
Rio Blanco County 6,342 Rio Blanco County cities
Rio Grande County 11,296 Rio Grande County cities
Routt County 25,560 Routt County cities
Saguache County 6,938 Saguache County cities
San Juan County 748 San Juan County cities
San Miguel County 8,105 San Miguel County cities
Sedgwick County 2,260 Sedgwick County cities
Summit County 30,631 Summit County cities
Teller County 25,529 Teller County cities
Washington County 4,875 Washington County cities
Weld County 333,983 Weld County cities
Yuma County 10,047 Yuma County cities

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