South Dakota, US

South Dakota: State of the United States of America


South Dakota became the 40th state admitted to the Union on November 2, 1889. Its neighbors are North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming and Montana.

Geography and Climate

South Dakota covers 77,121 square miles featuring fertile prairie lands, the Black Hills, Badlands and rivers like the Missouri. The Black Hills contain Mount Rushmore and other peaks over 7,000 feet high. The diverse landscape provides stunning scenery.

The continental climate means hot summers and bitterly cold winters. Rapid weather shifts are common.

Economy and Industries

Key industries are agriculture, tourism and manufacturing. Cattle ranching and farming drive the agricultural sector. Major crops are wheat, corn, and soybeans. Tourism draws visitors to attractions like the Badlands National Park, Mount Rushmore and the Black Hills.

Large manufacturing operations produce cars, airplanes, and medical devices in Sioux Falls. The financial services industry is also growing rapidly in South Dakota.

Culture and Demographics

South Dakota has under 1 million residents with 85% white and 9% Native American or Alaskan Native. Native American tribes based in the state include Lakota, Nakota and Dakota Sioux. The culture blends western ranch life with Native American heritage.

Government and Politics

The capital is Pierre while the largest city is Sioux Falls. The current governor is Kristi Noem, Republican. South Dakota is solidly Republican, last voting Democratic for president in 1964.


In summary, South Dakota offers majestic natural beauty through landmarks like Mount Rushmore and Badlands National Park. Agriculture, manufacturing and tourism contribute to the economy. Native American history infuses South Dakotan culture and lifestyle.

South Dakota locator map
Location of South Dakota

Quick Facts about South Dakota

Population : 892,717
Country : United States of America
Head of government : Governor of South Dakota
Area : 199729 km2
Water as percent of area : 1.69%
Land as percent of area : 98.31%
Legislative body : South Dakota Legislature
Named for : Dakota people
Official language : English
Altitude : 2,198 feet / 670 meters
Capital : Pierre
Establishment : November 11, 1889 (134 years ago)
Time Zone : UTC−06:00, Central Time Zone, America/Chicago, Mountain Time Zone
Local time : 00:06:41 (2nd March 2024)
SouthDakota-StateSeal seal image
SouthDakota-StateSeal seal image


South Dakota is located at 44°30'1"N 100°15'2"W (44.5002600, -100.2506900). It has 6 neighbors: Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Montana, North Dakota and Wyoming.

South Dakota map

The largest city of South Dakota is Sioux Falls with a population of 157,584. Other cities include, Rapid City population 77,503, Watertown population 22,303, Mitchell population 15,697 and Yankton population 14,651. See all South Dakota cities & populated places.

Largest Cities in South Dakota (more)

Cities, Towns, Villages, Neighborhoods & Other Populated Places in South Dakota.

City Name Title County Population
Sioux Falls The largest city in South Dakota. Minnehaha 157,584
Rapid City The second most populous city in South Dakota. Pennington 77,503
Watertown City in and county seat of Codington County, South Dakota, United States Codington 22,303
Mitchell City in and county seat of Davison County, South Dakota, United States Davison 15,697
Yankton County seat of Yankton County, South Dakota, United States Yankton 14,651
Pierre Capital city of South Dakota and county seat of Hughes County Hughes 13,708
City of Pierre Capital city of South Dakota and county seat of Hughes County Hughes 13,646
Spearfish City in Lawrence County, South Dakota, United States Lawrence 11,900
Brandon City in South Dakota, United States of America Minnehaha 10,168
Rapid Valley Census-designated place in Pennington County, South Dakota Pennington 8,260
Box Elder City in Pennington County, South Dakota, United States Pennington 7,165
Harrisburg City in South Dakota, United States of America Lincoln 7,126
Madison City in Lake County, South Dakota, United States Lake 7,064
Sturgis City in and county seat of Meade County, South Dakota, United States Meade 6,978
Tea City in South Dakota, United States of America Lincoln 6,405
Belle Fourche City in and county seat of Butte County, South Dakota, United States Butte 5,742

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    Kristi Noem ,

South Dakota has 6 neighbours.

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  • Minnesota state of the United States of America
  • Nebraska Nebraska, state of the United States of America. Nebraska is one of the fifty states that make up the United States of America alongside Washington DC. Lincoln and its most populated town, Omaha, are its capital. It is located in the country's midwest region, the Central Northwest division, bordering South Dakota on the north, the Missouri River on the east, separating it from Iowa and Missouri, Kansas on the south, Colorado on the southwest, and Wyoming on the west. It is the eighth least densely populated state, with 9.12 inhabitants / km², ahead of the least densely populated Idaho, New Mexico, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Alaska. On March 1, 1867, he was admitted to the Union as the 37th,
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  • Walworth County
  • Brookings County
  • Roberts County
  • Lake County
  • Fall River County
  • Jerauld County
  • Hand County
  • Pennington County
  • Beadle County
  • Dewey County
  • Sanborn County
  • Moody County
  • Oglala Lakota County
  • Butte County
  • Spink County
  • Custer County
  • Brown County
  • Brule County
  • Sully County
  • Kingsbury County
  • Aurora County
  • Grant County
  • Tripp County
  • Day County
  • Faulk County
  • Turner County
  • Meade County
  • Jackson County
  • Codington County
  • Todd County
  • Charles Mix County
  • Bennett County
  • Douglas County
  • Hamlin County
  • Perkins County
  • Davison County
  • Clark County
  • Jones County
  • Hanson County
  • Bon Homme County
  • Lyman County
  • Gregory County
  • Lawrence County
  • Ziebach County
  • Edmunds County
  • Campbell County
  • Minnehaha County
  • Mellette County
  • Harding County
  • Hughes County
  • McPherson County
  • Union County
  • Miner County
  • Yankton County
  • Clay County
  • Hutchinson County
  • Haakon County
  • McCook County
  • Corson County
  • Lincoln County
  • Deuel County
  • Hyde County
  • Marshall County
  • Buffalo County
  • Potter County
  • Stanley County


Year Population % Change Method
1860 4,837 - census
1870 11,776 58.92% census
1880 98,268 88.02% census
1890 348,600 71.81% census
1900 403,000 13.5% census
1910 583,888 30.98% census
1919 606,000 3.65% census
1920 636,547 4.8% census
1930 692,849 8.13% census
1940 642,961 -7.76% census
1950 652,740 1.5% census
1960 680,514 4.08% census
1970 665,507 -2.25% census
1980 690,768 3.66% census
1990 696,004 0.75% census
2000 754,844 7.79% census
2010 814,180 7.29% census
2011 823,579 1.14% estimation process
2012 833,566 1.2% estimation process
2013 842,316 1.04% estimation process
2014 849,129 0.8% estimation process
2015 853,988 0.57% estimation process
2016 862,996 1.04% estimation process
2017 872,868 1.13% estimation process
2018 878,698 0.66% estimation process
2019 884,659 0.67% estimation process
2020 892,717 0.9% estimation process

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People born in South Dakota (88)

People born in South Dakota, including Brulé Sioux chief, Native leader Spotted Tail, opera singer Jess Thomas, Hollywood stuntman and Lakota Siouxmedicine man Archie Fire Lame Deer, .


  • Boyd Raeburn (American musician) he was born in 27/10/1913
  • Norm Van Brocklin (American football player, coach, executive (1926-1983)) he was born in 15/03/1926
  • Spotted Elk (Native American leader) he was born in 01/01/1826
  • Gall (19th century Lakota chief) he was born in 01/01/1840
  • John O'Neil (American rugby union player) he was born in 04/10/1898
  • Bill Johnson (science fiction writer (20th century)) he was born in 01/01/1956
  • Nicky Katt (American actor) he was born in 11/05/1970
  • Pug Manders (American football player (1913-1985)) he was born in 05/05/1913
  • Gary Stormo (American geneticist) he was born in 01/01/1950
  • Gene Roth (actor (1903-1976)) he was born in 08/01/1903
  • Phil Graham (American newspaper publisher) he was born in 18/07/1915
  • Nathan Lee Chasing His Horse (American actor) he was born in 28/04/1976
  • Luther Standing Bear (Oglala Lakota writer and actor (1868-1939)) he was born in 01/12/1868
  • Lynn Job (American composer) she was born in 01/01/1959
  • Linda Avey (American biotech analyst, biologist, and co-founder of 23andMe) she was born in 01/01/1960
  • Siegfried Schoenbohm he was born in 01/01/1938
  • Crow Foot (Son of Sitting Bull) he was born in 01/01/1876
  • Nightwolf (character from Mortal Kombat)

South Dakota Counties (more)

Minnehaha County
Minnehaha County

Minnehaha County, county in South Dakota, United States of America

Pennington County
Pennington County

Pennington County, county in South Dakota, United States of America

Lincoln County
Lincoln County

Lincoln County, county in South Dakota, United States

County Name Population
Minnehaha County 196,659
Pennington County 115,926
Lincoln County 63,019
Brown County 38,738
Brookings County 35,603
Meade County 28,588
Codington County 28,186
Lawrence County 26,221
Yankton County 22,742
Davison County 19,812
Beadle County 18,513
Hughes County 17,336
Union County 16,192
Clay County 14,246
Oglala Lakota County 14,070
Lake County 12,488

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Map of South Dakota Na 1
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South Dakota Regions Map
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Usa South Dakota Location Map
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South Dakota Flag Map
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Where Is South Dakota Located
South Dakota Cities And Towns
South Dakota Cities And Towns
South Dakota County Map
South Dakota County Map
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South Dakota Rivers And Lakes
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South Dakota Reference Map
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