South Dakota Counties

South Dakota, state of the United States of America. There are 66 county in South Dakota. You can find the list of these counties and detailed information from the links below.

Minnehaha County
Minnehaha County

Minnehaha County, population 196,659

Pennington County
Pennington County

Pennington County, population 115,926

Lincoln County
Lincoln County

Lincoln County, population 63,019

South Dakota contains 66 counties that govern the diverse landscapes of the Mount Rushmore State. Here's an overview of South Dakota's counties:

East River/Eastern South Dakota contains the largest metro areas and the state capital of Pierre located in Hughes County. Major eastern counties include Minnehaha County (Sioux Falls), Pennington County (Rapid City), Brown County (Aberdeen), and Brookings County (Brookings).

The Missouri River runs through central South Dakota, forming a boundary between East and West River regions. Counties located along the Missouri include Hughes, Lyman, Stanley, and Haakon counties.

West River/Western South Dakota is more rugged and sparsely populated. Key counties in the west include Meade County, Butte County, Lawrence County, and Jackson County. The Black Hills and Badlands are located here.

Northeastern South Dakota borders Minnesota and contains Watertown located in Codington County along with Clark, Day, Marshall, and Roberts counties. This is a fertile farming region dotted with lakes.

Southwestern South Dakota includes the counties of Custer, Fall River, Shannon, and Bennett. This area encompasses sections of the Black Hills National Forest and the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

Whether East or West River, urban or rural, South Dakota's counties serve the local needs of residents across this state known for its Great Plains landscapes, Native American history, landmarks like Mount Rushmore, and cowboy culture.

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County Name Population Cities
Aurora County 2,730 Aurora County cities
Beadle County 18,513 Beadle County cities
Bennett County 3,399 Bennett County cities
Bon Homme County 6,848 Bon Homme County cities
Brookings County 35,603 Brookings County cities
Brown County 38,738 Brown County cities
Brule County 5,254 Brule County cities
Buffalo County 1,956 Buffalo County cities
Butte County 10,538 Butte County cities
Campbell County 1,380 Campbell County cities
Charles Mix County 9,262 Charles Mix County cities
Clark County 3,802 Clark County cities
Clay County 14,246 Clay County cities
Codington County 28,186 Codington County cities
Corson County 4,031 Corson County cities
Custer County 9,017 Custer County cities
Davison County 19,812 Davison County cities
Day County 5,345 Day County cities
Deuel County 4,346 Deuel County cities
Dewey County 5,789 Dewey County cities
Douglas County 2,906 Douglas County cities
Edmunds County 3,817 Edmunds County cities
Fall River County 6,708 Fall River County cities
Faulk County 2,306 Faulk County cities
Grant County 7,000 Grant County cities
Gregory County 4,219 Gregory County cities
Haakon County 1,861 Haakon County cities
Hamlin County 6,234 Hamlin County cities
Hand County 3,127 Hand County cities
Hanson County 3,489 Hanson County cities
Harding County 1,311 Harding County cities
Hughes County 17,336 Hughes County cities
Hutchinson County 7,282 Hutchinson County cities
Hyde County 1,281 Hyde County cities
Jackson County 3,321 Jackson County cities
Jerauld County 1,985 Jerauld County cities
Jones County 938 Jones County cities
Kingsbury County 4,987 Kingsbury County cities
Lake County 12,488 Lake County cities
Lawrence County 26,221 Lawrence County cities
Lincoln County 63,019 Lincoln County cities
Lyman County 3,797 Lyman County cities
Marshall County 4,884 Marshall County cities
McCook County 5,520 McCook County cities
McPherson County 2,363 McPherson County cities
Meade County 28,588 Meade County cities
Mellette County 2,089 Mellette County cities
Miner County 2,202 Miner County cities
Minnehaha County 196,659 Minnehaha County cities
Moody County 6,525 Moody County cities
Oglala Lakota County 14,070 Oglala Lakota County cities
Pennington County 115,926 Pennington County cities
Perkins County 2,832 Perkins County cities
Potter County 2,163 Potter County cities
Roberts County 10,331 Roberts County cities
Sanborn County 2,322 Sanborn County cities
Spink County 6,319 Spink County cities
Stanley County 3,121 Stanley County cities
Sully County 1,391 Sully County cities
Todd County 10,313 Todd County cities
Tripp County 5,377 Tripp County cities
Turner County 8,368 Turner County cities
Union County 16,192 Union County cities
Walworth County 5,336 Walworth County cities
Yankton County 22,742 Yankton County cities
Ziebach County 2,656 Ziebach County cities

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