Cities & Towns in Perry County, PA

Perry County, county in Kentucky, United States. As of 2020 county had an estimated population of 46,212 inhabitants. The county was created 203 years ago in 1820. Its county seat is Hazard.

There are 8 city/town in Perry County, PA. The largest city of Perry County is Saville with a population of 2,513. Other cities include, Newport population 1,585, Duncannon population 1,481, New Bloomfield population 1,080, Liverpool population 957


Saville, Township in Perry County, Pennsylvania, United States


Newport, Borough in northeastern Perry County, Pennsylvania, United States


Duncannon, Borough in southeastern Perry County, Pennsylvania

Perry County is located in south-central Pennsylvania. The county has a population of around 46,000 residents. Some notable cities and towns in Perry County include:


Newport is the largest town and county seat of Perry County with around 1,500 residents. It lies along the Juniata River. Newport has a historic downtown district and is home to the Perry County Courthouse and the Newport Public Library.


Duncannon is a small borough situated along the Susquehanna River with around 1,500 residents. It serves as an important Appalachian Trail town and features the Duncannon Appalachian Trail Community Park.


Millerstown is a rural village located in the center of Perry County with around 600 residents. It provides small town charm and access to outdoor recreation. The Millerstown Community Park is a key landmark.


Marysville is a very small borough with around 2,000 residents. It lies along the Susquehanna River and Canal. Marysville has historic buildings and charming riverfront shops and restaurants.

In summary, Newport serves as the government and commercial hub while scenic towns like Duncannon, Millerstown, and Marysville showcase Perry County's quaint small town beauty and outdoor recreation.

All Perry County Cities (Aphebetical)

List of cities, towns, neighborhoods & other populated places in Perry County.

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City Name Title Population
Blain Borough in southwestern Perry County, Pennsylvania 259
Duncannon Borough in southeastern Perry County, Pennsylvania 1,481
Landisburg Borough in southern Juniata County, Pennsylvania 222
Liverpool Borough in northeastern Juniata County, Pennsylvania, United States 957
New Bloomfield Borough in Perry County, Pennsylvania, USA 1,080
New Buffalo Borough in eastern Perry County, Pennsylvania 126
Newport Borough in northeastern Perry County, Pennsylvania, United States 1,585
Saville Township in Perry County, Pennsylvania, United States 2,513

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