Cities & Towns in Glenn County, CA

Glenn County, county in California, United States. As of 2020 county had an estimated population of 28,283 inhabitants. The county was created 132 years ago in 1891. Its county seat is Willows.

There are 3 city/town in Glenn County, CA. The largest city of Glenn County is Hamilton City with a population of 169,300. Other cities include, Orland population 8,068 and Willows population 6,036

Hamilton City
Hamilton City

Hamilton City, A census-designated place in Yolo County, California.


Orland, City in Glenn County, California


Willows, City in California, USA

Nestled in Northern California's Sacramento Valley, Glenn County is a rural agricultural area known for its almond orchards, rice fields, and honey bee production. Though small in population, Glenn County is home to several small towns and cities, each with its own unique character and identity.

The county seat of Willows sits along Interstate 5 and serves as the main hub of activity. As the largest city in Glenn County, Willows provides residents and visitors with government services, healthcare facilities, retail shopping, and dining options. The city honors its agricultural roots with an annual Almond Festival each February.

Just south of Willows lies the city of Orland, named after a pioneer family that settled the area in the late 1800s. Orland provides a quieter small-town atmosphere while still offering parks, shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions like the Carnegie Library Museum built in 1916. The city's most iconic event is its 4th of July Jubilee celebration.

Artois, situated in the western part of Glenn County, started as a railroad town in the early 20th century. Though tiny in size, Artois supports a post office, general store, and some grain warehouses that hint at its agricultural past. Residents take pride in their tight-knit community.

The even smaller town of Elk Creek lies nestled near the foothills of the Coastal Mountain Range. Ranches and orchards surround Elk Creek, which started as a stagecoach stop during the Gold Rush era. Today, the town's main activities revolve around its volunteer fire department and social hall.

Whether seeking government services, shopping, dining out, or small-town living, Glenn County's cities provide residents with a range of lifestyles and amenities while maintaining the area's agricultural heritage. The personalities of each locale contribute to the greater identity of this Northern California county.

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City Name Title Population
Hamilton City A census-designated place in Yolo County, California. 169,300
Orland City in Glenn County, California 8,068
Willows City in California, USA 6,036

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