Cities & Towns in Sutter County, CA

Sutter County, county in California, United States. As of 2020 county had an estimated population of 96,385 inhabitants. The county was created 174 years ago in 1850. Its county seat is Yuba City.

There are 5 city/town in Sutter County, CA. The largest city of Sutter County is Yuba City with a population of 67,010. Other cities include, South Yuba City population 15,217, Live Oak population 8,531, Tierra Buena population 5,797 and Sutter population 2,904

Yuba City
Yuba City

Yuba City, The most populous city in Yuba County, California.

South Yuba City
South Yuba City

South Yuba City, Town

Live Oak

Live Oak, City in Sutter County, California, United States

Nestled in California's Central Valley, Sutter County is a primarily rural county with a few small cities and towns. Here's an overview of some of the notable communities in Sutter County:

Yuba City

Yuba City is the largest city in Sutter County and the county seat. With a population of around 67,000, Yuba City serves as the main urban hub for the surrounding agricultural region. It has grown significantly in recent decades and features suburban neighborhood developments and shopping centers. Downtown Yuba City retains some of its historic charm.

Live Oak

Live Oak is the second largest city in Sutter County with just over 8,000 residents. The city is located on Highway 99 and got its name from the live oak trees planted along the Southern Pacific Railroad line. In addition to agricultural processing facilities, Live Oak is home to the Sutter County Fairgrounds.


The small town of Sutter is located in the southern portion of the county. It has a population of around 2,500. Sutter grew as a railroad town and was named after John Sutter, the pioneer who founded Sacramento. The Sutter Buttes provide a scenic backdrop.


Meridian is a rural town located in the northwest part of the county with around 300 residents. It sits amidst farmland and orchards near the Sacramento River. The town was founded in the 1860s and was named for its location on the meridian line.


Robbins is a very small rural town along Highway 113 with a population of around 325. It was founded in 1909 and named for its founder, Ward Robbins. The Robbins Community Church and Grange Hall serve as community hubs.

In addition to these incorporated cities and towns, Sutter County has various unincorporated communities and settlements such as Nicolaus, Trowbridge, and Verona that are part of the fabric of the rural county. The communities provide services to the surrounding agricultural lands that form the economic backbone of Sutter County.

All Sutter County Cities (Aphebetical)

List of cities, towns, neighborhoods & other populated places in Sutter County.

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City Name Title Population
Live Oak City in Sutter County, California, United States 8,531
South Yuba City Town 15,217
Sutter Census-designated place in Sutter County, California 2,904
Tierra Buena Census-designated place in Sutter County, California 5,797
Yuba City The most populous city in Yuba County, California. 67,010

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