Cities & Towns in Yuba County, CA

Yuba County, county in California, United States. As of 2020 county had an estimated population of 80,160 inhabitants. The county was created 174 years ago in 1850. Its county seat is Marysville.

There are 5 city/town in Yuba County, CA. The largest city of Yuba County is Linda with a population of 17,773. Other cities include, Olivehurst population 13,656, Marysville population 12,594, Wheatland population 3,666 and Loma Rica population 2,368


Linda, Census designated place


Olivehurst, Census-designated place in Yuba County, California


Marysville, City in California

Nestled in the Sacramento Valley north of Sacramento, Yuba County features a mix of agricultural communities, historic mining settlements, and modern suburban growth. Here are some of the notable cities and towns to discover in Yuba County:


Marysville is the largest city and county seat, located along the Yuba River with around 12,000 residents. Its old downtown has antique shops and eateries. Popular attractions include the Bok Kai Temple and Museum, Ellis Lake Park, and the annual County Fair.


Wheatland sits near the Bear River with about 3,500 residents. It has a quaint downtown and many historic buildings. Wheatland is home to the California Agricultural Museum which celebrates the region’s farming history.


Linda lies along Highway 20 and is primarily a residential community, part of the Yuba City Metropolitan Area. New housing subdivisions cater to commuters working in Yuba City and Sacramento.


This small unincorporated town of around 150 residents lies along the Yuba River. It has historic buildings and stores in its downtown area. Smartsville was founded around gold mining in the 1800s.

Browns Valley

Browns Valley is a small agricultural town along Highway 20. Almond orchards and farms surround the town of around 2,000 residents. Browns Valley hosts an annual Almond Festival celebrating the local crop.

From its rich Gold Rush past to today's agriculture and suburbs, Yuba County's towns each contribute to the fabric of life in Northern California.

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City Name Title Population
Linda Census designated place 17,773
Loma Rica Census-designated place in Yuba County, California 2,368
Marysville City in California 12,594
Olivehurst Census-designated place in Yuba County, California 13,656
Wheatland City in California, United States 3,666

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