Cities & Towns in Amador County, CA

Amador County, county in California, United States. As of 2020 county had an estimated population of 40,083 inhabitants. The county was created 170 years ago in 1854. Its county seat is Jackson.

There are 5 city/town in Amador County, CA. The largest city of Amador County is Ione with a population of 8,326. Other cities include, Jackson population 4,973, Sutter Creek population 2,688, Plymouth population 1,043 and Amador City population 190


Ione, City in Amador County, California, USA


Jackson, County seat of Amador County, California

Sutter Creek
Sutter Creek

Sutter Creek, City in Amador County, California

Amador County is located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains in California’s Gold Country. It was created in 1854 during the Gold Rush era. Here is an introduction to some of the cities and towns in Amador County:


Jackson is the largest city and county seat of Amador County. It was a bustling Gold Rush town and had a reputation as one of the wildest towns in the Old West. Today it is a charming city with a well-preserved Main Street lined with buildings from the 1850s. It is home to several National Historic Landmarks.

Sutter Creek

Sutter Creek is a small historic Gold Rush town located in the heart of California’s “Mother Lode” gold country. It was named after John Sutter, who helped spark the famous California Gold Rush. The main street features original brick buildings and Victorian architecture. The area still has some gold mining activity.


Plymouth is a small agricultural town located on the Shenandoah Valley floor. It was also founded as a mining camp during the Gold Rush days. Plymouth has several historic buildings and attractions like the Plymouth Museum and El Dorado winery.


Ione is a historic small town located in the Central Valley region. It is home to Preston Castle, an impressive late-1800s Romanesque Revival style building that formerly served as a reform school. Today Ione is focused on agriculture and vineyards.


Volcano is a remote Gold Rush town set amidst the wooded hills and rivers of the Sierra Nevada foothills. It was named for its setting near an ancient volcano site. The St. George Hotel is a landmark that dates back to 1862.

In summary, Amador County’s towns offer insights into California’s historic Gold Country era through preserved architecture and former mining sites. They are rural communities focused on agriculture, vineyards and small businesses today.

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City Name Title Population
Amador City Human settlement in Amador County, California, United States of America 190
Ione City in Amador County, California, USA 8,326
Jackson County seat of Amador County, California 4,973
Plymouth City in Amador County, California, USA 1,043
Sutter Creek City in Amador County, California 2,688

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