Virginia Counties

Virginia, state of the United States of America. There are 133 county in Virginia. You can find the list of these counties and detailed information from the links below.

Fairfax County
Fairfax County

Fairfax County, population 1,150,847

Prince William County
Prince William County

Prince William County, population 475,533

Loudoun County
Loudoun County

Loudoun County, population 422,784

Virginia is divided into 95 counties and 38 independent cities that govern the diverse regions of the state. Here's an overview of Virginia's county structure:

Northern Virginia near Washington D.C. contains rapidly growing suburban counties like Loudoun, Prince William, Stafford, Spotsylvania, and Fairfax. This region blends urban and rural areas.

The Hampton Roads region in southeastern Virginia is home to cities like Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Newport News, Hampton, and Portsmouth as well as counties like York, James City, and Isle of Wight. This area is focused around shipping and the military.

Central Virginia contains a mix of rural farmland, cities, and historic sites. Major counties include Albemarle, Chesterfield, Henrico, Hanover, and Goochland. This is where Charlottesville and Richmond are centered.

The Shenandoah Valley in western Virginia contains counties like Augusta, Rockingham, Page, and Rockbridge with mountain vistas, caverns, and small cities like Staunton, Harrisonburg, and Lexington.

Southwest Virginia is located in the Appalachian Mountains with rural counties that include Wise, Montgomery, Pulaski, and Bland counties. Agriculture, coal mining, and outdoor recreation drive the economy here.

The independent cities like Virginia Beach, Richmond, Norfolk, and Roanoke are not part of any county but function as self-contained entities. They work closely with surrounding counties to provide services.

So Virginia's counties and cities reflect the diversity of the state from the bustling D.C. suburbs to Appalachian mountains and the Atlantic coastline. Local governments tailor their services based on geography and community needs.

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County Name Population Cities
Accomack County 32,238 Accomack County cities
Albemarle County 110,652 Albemarle County cities
Alleghany County 14,701 Alleghany County cities
Amelia County 13,014 Amelia County cities
Amherst County 31,667 Amherst County cities
Appomattox County 16,043 Appomattox County cities
Arlington County 240,119 Arlington County cities
Augusta County 76,544 Augusta County cities
Bath County 4,119 Bath County cities
Bedford County 79,811 Bedford County cities
Bland County 6,239 Bland County cities
Botetourt County 33,633 Botetourt County cities
Brunswick County 16,037 Brunswick County cities
Buchanan County 20,613 Buchanan County cities
Buckingham County 17,168 Buckingham County cities
Campbell County 55,304 Campbell County cities
Caroline County 30,860 Caroline County cities
Carroll County 30,074 Carroll County cities
Charles City County 6,821 Charles City County cities
Charlotte County 11,820 Charlotte County cities
Chesterfield County 358,245 Chesterfield County cities
City of Alexandria 0 City of Alexandria cities
City of Bristol 0 City of Bristol cities
City of Buena Vista 0 City of Buena Vista cities
City of Charlottesville 0 City of Charlottesville cities
City of Chesapeake 0 City of Chesapeake cities
City of Colonial Heights 0 City of Colonial Heights cities
City of Covington 0 City of Covington cities
City of Danville 0 City of Danville cities
City of Emporia 5,496 City of Emporia cities
City of Fairfax 24,013 City of Fairfax cities
City of Falls Church 0 City of Falls Church cities
City of Franklin 0 City of Franklin cities
City of Fredericksburg 0 City of Fredericksburg cities
City of Galax 0 City of Galax cities
City of Hampton 0 City of Hampton cities
City of Harrisonburg 0 City of Harrisonburg cities
City of Hopewell 0 City of Hopewell cities
City of Lexington 0 City of Lexington cities
City of Lynchburg 0 City of Lynchburg cities
City of Manassas 0 City of Manassas cities
City of Manassas Park 0 City of Manassas Park cities
City of Martinsville 0 City of Martinsville cities
City of Newport News 0 City of Newport News cities
City of Norfolk 0 City of Norfolk cities
City of Norton 0 City of Norton cities
City of Petersburg 0 City of Petersburg cities
City of Poquoson 0 City of Poquoson cities
City of Portsmouth 215,133 City of Portsmouth cities
City of Radford 0 City of Radford cities
City of Richmond 0 City of Richmond cities
City of Roanoke 0 City of Roanoke cities
City of Salem 0 City of Salem cities
City of Staunton 0 City of Staunton cities
City of Suffolk 0 City of Suffolk cities
City of Virginia Beach 0 City of Virginia Beach cities
City of Waynesboro 0 City of Waynesboro cities
City of Williamsburg 0 City of Williamsburg cities
City of Winchester 124,295 City of Winchester cities
Clarke County 14,622 Clarke County cities
Craig County 5,077 Craig County cities
Culpeper County 53,569 Culpeper County cities
Cumberland County 9,933 Cumberland County cities
Dickenson County 14,078 Dickenson County cities
Dinwiddie County 28,688 Dinwiddie County cities
Essex County 10,943 Essex County cities
Fairfax County 1,150,847 Fairfax County cities
Fauquier County 71,361 Fauquier County cities
Floyd County 15,777 Floyd County cities
Fluvanna County 27,422 Fluvanna County cities
Franklin County 56,167 Franklin County cities
Frederick County 91,119 Frederick County cities
Giles County 16,663 Giles County cities
Gloucester County 37,459 Gloucester County cities
Goochland County 24,431 Goochland County cities
Grayson County 15,493 Grayson County cities
Greene County 20,131 Greene County cities
Greensville County 11,280 Greensville County cities
Halifax County 33,633 Halifax County cities
Hanover County 108,262 Hanover County cities
Henrico County 333,766 Henrico County cities
Henry County 50,309 Henry County cities
Highland County 2,200 Highland County cities
Isle of Wight County 37,725 Isle of Wight County cities
James City County 77,612 James City County cities
King and Queen County 6,942 King and Queen County cities
King George County 27,381 King George County cities
King William County 17,641 King William County cities
Lancaster County 10,618 Lancaster County cities
Lee County 23,238 Lee County cities
Loudoun County 422,784 Loudoun County cities
Louisa County 38,132 Louisa County cities
Lunenburg County 12,267 Lunenburg County cities
Madison County 13,312 Madison County cities
Mathews County 8,766 Mathews County cities
Mecklenburg County 30,679 Mecklenburg County cities
Middlesex County 10,569 Middlesex County cities
Montgomery County 98,391 Montgomery County cities
Nelson County 14,755 Nelson County cities
New Kent County 23,648 New Kent County cities
Northampton County 11,673 Northampton County cities
Northumberland County 12,069 Northumberland County cities
Nottoway County 15,160 Nottoway County cities
Orange County 37,695 Orange County cities
Page County 23,933 Page County cities
Patrick County 17,493 Patrick County cities
Pittsylvania County 59,850 Pittsylvania County cities
Powhatan County 30,148 Powhatan County cities
Prince Edward County 23,006 Prince Edward County cities
Prince George County 38,686 Prince George County cities
Prince William County 475,533 Prince William County cities
Pulaski County 33,935 Pulaski County cities
Rappahannock County 7,260 Rappahannock County cities
Richmond County 9,071 Richmond County cities
Roanoke County 94,509 Roanoke County cities
Rockbridge County 22,757 Rockbridge County cities
Rockingham County 82,346 Rockingham County cities
Russell County 26,647 Russell County cities
Scott County 21,629 Scott County cities
Shenandoah County 43,905 Shenandoah County cities
Smyth County 30,090 Smyth County cities
Southampton County 17,636 Southampton County cities
Spotsylvania County 138,449 Spotsylvania County cities
Stafford County 156,748 Stafford County cities
Surry County 6,385 Surry County cities
Sussex County 10,925 Sussex County cities
Tazewell County 40,529 Tazewell County cities
Warren County 40,475 Warren County cities
Washington County 53,695 Washington County cities
Westmoreland County 18,149 Westmoreland County cities
Wise County 37,206 Wise County cities
Wythe County 28,620 Wythe County cities
York County 69,199 York County cities

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