Arkansas, US

Arkansas: State of the United States of America


Arkansas became the 25th state admitted to the Union on June 15, 1836. Its capital and most populous city is Little Rock. Arkansas is known as the Natural State for its abundant natural scenic beauty and resources.

Geography and Climate

Arkansas has a total area of 53,179 square miles. It shares borders with 6 states: Mississippi, Tennessee, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, and Louisiana. The geography consists of mountains, hills, plains, and fertile delta. Major rivers include the Mississippi River and Arkansas River.

Arkansas has a humid subtropical climate with hot humid summers and mild winters. The state experiences all four seasons.

Economy and Industries

Key Arkansas industries include agriculture, food processing, technology, and tourism. Top agricultural products are soybeans, chickens, cattle, and rice. Major companies headquartered in the state are Walmart, Tyson Foods and J.B. Hunt. Tourism draws visitors to spots like Hot Springs National Park.

Culture and Demographics

Arkansas has about 3 million residents. The largest ethnicity is white at 73% followed by African American at 15%. The culture reflects traditional southern hospitality mixed with Ozark and Ouachita Mountain influences. Bentonville is emerging as an art and culture hub.

Education and Sports

The University of Arkansas flagship campus is located in Fayetteville. Other major schools include Arkansas State University and University of Central Arkansas. No major pro sports teams are based in Arkansas. The Razorbacks college football team has a passionate fan base.

Government and Politics

The current governor is Asa Hutchinson, a Republican first elected in 2014. Arkansas has an overall conservative political landscape. It has voted for Republican presidential candidates since 2000.


In summary, Arkansas is filled with natural scenic beauty and homegrown companies like Walmart and Tyson Foods. It has a large agricultural industry and distinctive southern culture. Natural resources and a low cost of living attract residents and tourists alike.

Arkansas locator map
Location of Arkansas

Quick Facts about Arkansas

Population : 3,030,522
Country : United States of America
Different from : Arkansas
Head of government : Governor of Arkansas
Area : 137733 km2
Water as percent of area : 2.15%
Land as percent of area : 97.85%
Northernmost point : Point(-94.3549 36.4998)
Legislative body : Arkansas General Assembly
Named for : Quapaw
Official language : English
Altitude : 650 feet / 198 meters
Capital : Little Rock
Establishment : June 06, 1836 (187 years ago)
Time Zone : America/Chicago, UTC−06:00, Central Time Zone
Local time : 15:09:30 (2nd March 2024)
Seal of Arkansas seal image
Seal of Arkansas
Seal of Arkansas seal image


Arkansas is located at 34°45'1"N 92°30'2"W (34.7503700, -92.5004400). It has 6 neighbors: Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas.

Arkansas map

The largest city of Arkansas is Little Rock with a population of 197,866. Other cities include, Fayetteville population 89,576, Fort Smith population 87,764, Springdale population 81,115 and Jonesboro population 79,859. See all Arkansas cities & populated places.

Largest Cities in Arkansas (more)

Cities, Towns, Villages, Neighborhoods & Other Populated Places in Arkansas.

City Name Title County Population
Little Rock The capital of Arkansas. Pulaski 197,866
Fayetteville The most populous city in Washington County, Arkansas. Washington 89,576
Fort Smith The second most populous city in Sebastian County, Arkansas. Sebastian 87,764
Springdale The most populous city in Washington County, Arkansas. Washington 81,115
Jonesboro The most populous city in Craighead County, Arkansas. Craighead 79,859
Rogers The fourth most populous city in Arkansas. Benton 70,522
City of Jonesboro County seat city in Craighead County, Arkansas, USA Craighead 70,187
Conway The most populous city in Faulkner County, Arkansas. Faulkner 68,100
North Little Rock The most populous city in Pulaski County, Arkansas. Pulaski 66,276
Bentonville Town in Arkansas Benton 57,537
Pine Bluff The largest city in Jefferson County, Arkansas. Jefferson 40,435
Hot Springs County seat and city in Garland County, Arkansas, USA Garland 38,939
Benton City in Arkansas, USA Saline 37,214
Sherwood City in Arkansas, United States Pulaski 31,653
Texarkana City in Miller County, Arkansas, United States Miller 29,556
Bella Vista City in Arkansas, United States Benton 29,423

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    Asa Hutchinson ,

Arkansas has 6 neighbours.

  • Louisiana state in the southern United States
  • Missouri state of the United States of America
  • Mississippi state of the United States of America
  • Oklahoma state of the United States of America
  • Tennessee state of the United States of America
  • Texas state in the southern United States

  • Desha County
  • Lonoke County
  • Madison County
  • Sevier County
  • Hempstead County
  • Saline County
  • Cross County
  • Hot Spring County
  • Independence County
  • Sharp County
  • Cleburne County
  • Yell County
  • Scott County
  • Pulaski County
  • Howard County
  • Grant County
  • Garland County
  • Crawford County
  • Izard County
  • Sebastian County
  • Pike County
  • Craighead County
  • Newton County
  • Washington County
  • Benton County
  • Randolph County
  • Pope County
  • Marion County
  • Montgomery County
  • Dallas County
  • St. Francis County
  • Clark County
  • Drew County
  • Faulkner County
  • Clay County
  • Lincoln County
  • Stone County
  • Phillips County
  • Van Buren County
  • Mississippi County
  • Johnson County
  • Cleveland County
  • Chicot County
  • Lawrence County
  • Columbia County
  • Conway County
  • Prairie County
  • Logan County
  • Ouachita County
  • Lafayette County
  • Perry County
  • Little River County
  • Miller County
  • White County
  • Greene County
  • Boone County
  • Lee County
  • Jefferson County
  • Woodruff County
  • Monroe County
  • Arkansas County
  • Ashley County
  • Calhoun County
  • Jackson County
  • Baxter County
  • Union County
  • Franklin County
  • Crittenden County
  • Searcy County
  • Carroll County
  • Fulton County
  • Poinsett County
  • Nevada County
  • Bradley County
  • Polk County


Year Population % Change Method
1910 1,574,449 - census
1920 1,752,204 10.14% census
1930 1,854,482 5.52% census
1940 1,949,387 4.87% census
1950 1,909,511 -2.09% census
1960 1,786,272 -6.9% census
1970 1,923,295 7.12% census
1980 2,286,435 15.88% census
1990 2,350,725 2.73% census
2000 2,673,400 12.07% census
2010 2,915,918 8.32% census
2011 2,940,667 0.84% estimation process
2012 2,952,164 0.39% estimation process
2013 2,959,400 0.24% estimation process
2014 2,967,392 0.27% estimation process
2015 2,978,048 0.36% estimation process
2016 2,989,918 0.4% estimation process
2017 3,001,345 0.38% estimation process
2018 3,009,733 0.28% estimation process
2019 3,017,804 0.27% estimation process
2020 3,030,522 0.42% estimation process

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People born in Arkansas (150)

People born in Arkansas, including racing driver Jim Rigsby, baseball player George Kell, blues musician Roosevelt Sykes, .


  • Jimmy Driftwood (singer) he was born in 20/06/1907
  • Sonny Burgess (American rockabilly guitarist and singer) he was born in 28/05/1931
  • Joe Perry (Player of American football (1927-2011)) he was born in 22/01/1927
  • Dave Wasson (American television producer) he was born in 01/01/2000
  • Louis Jordan (American jazz, blues and rhythm and blues musician, songwriter and bandleader (1908-1975)) he was born in 08/07/1908
  • Luenell (American comedian and actress) she was born in 12/03/1959
  • Willie Cobbs (American blues singer and harmonica player) he was born in 15/07/1932
  • Bert Layne (American musician) he was born in 14/12/1889
  • Bill Dowdy (American musician) he was born in 15/08/1932
  • Blind Joe Reynolds (American musician) he was born in 01/01/1900
  • Blue Steele (American musician and bandleader) he was born in 11/03/1893
  • Bob Dorough (American pianist and singer) he was born in 12/12/1923
  • John P. McConnell (American Air Force general) he was born in 07/02/1908
  • Chuck Comer (American musician) he was born in 27/07/1934
  • David E. Finley (American politician (1861-1917)) he was born in 28/02/1861
  • Kenny Owens (American musician) he was born in 01/01/2000
  • Joe Purdy (American musician) he was born in 01/01/2000
  • Lymon C. Reese (American university teacher (1917-2009)) he was born in 27/04/1917

Arkansas Counties (more)

Pulaski County
Pulaski County

Pulaski County, county in Arkansas, United States

Benton County
Benton County

Benton County, county in Arkansas, United States

Washington County
Washington County

Washington County, county in Arkansas, United States

County Name Population
Pulaski County 392,980
Benton County 288,774
Washington County 243,216
Sebastian County 127,590
Faulkner County 126,919
Saline County 123,968
Craighead County 112,245
Garland County 99,789
White County 78,729
Lonoke County 73,921
Jefferson County 65,377
Pope County 64,334
Crawford County 63,409
Crittenden County 47,616
Greene County 45,597
Miller County 43,177

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Arkansas Flag Map
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