Nevada Counties

Nevada, state of the United States of America. There are 17 county in Nevada. You can find the list of these counties and detailed information from the links below.

Clark County
Clark County

Clark County, population 2,315,963

Washoe County
Washoe County

Washoe County, population 477,082

Lyon County
Lyon County

Lyon County, population 58,319

Though it has fewer than 3 million residents statewide, Nevada's counties offer plenty of sights and attractions. Here are some highlights:

Clark County

Home to Las Vegas, Clark County provides:

  • The Las Vegas Strip with its iconic casinos and mega resorts
  • Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area for hiking and rock climbing
  • Hoover Dam and Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Washoe County

In western Nevada, Washoe County contains:

  • The city of Reno known for its casino entertainment and outdoor recreation
  • Lake Tahoe straddling the Nevada-California border
  • The Great Basin National Park showcasing Lehman Caves

Lyon County

East of Reno, Lyon County offers:

  • Carson City, Nevada's capital city, rich in Old West history
  • The Silver City and Gold Hill historic mining towns
  • Camping along the shores of Lake Topaz

Nye County

The largest county in the continental U.S., Nye County provides:

  • Extraterrestrial sights at Area 51 and the Alien Research Center
  • Stargazing at Great Basin National Park, a certified Dark Sky Park
  • Ghost towns like Rhyolite and Goldfield leftover from a mining boom

Nevada's counties hold cosmopolitan cities, arid desert landscapes, abandoned mining towns, and more for visitors to uncover. The state's diversity often surprises visitors.

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County Name Population Cities
Carson City 0 Carson City cities
Churchill County 25,363 Churchill County cities
Clark County 2,315,963 Clark County cities
Douglas County 49,088 Douglas County cities
Elko County 53,006 Elko County cities
Esmeralda County 886 Esmeralda County cities
Eureka County 2,065 Eureka County cities
Humboldt County 16,962 Humboldt County cities
Lander County 5,514 Lander County cities
Lincoln County 5,159 Lincoln County cities
Lyon County 58,319 Lyon County cities
Mineral County 4,518 Mineral County cities
Nye County 48,054 Nye County cities
Pershing County 6,573 Pershing County cities
Storey County 4,207 Storey County cities
Washoe County 477,082 Washoe County cities
White Pine County 9,466 White Pine County cities

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