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Maine: State of the United States of America


Maine is a state in the New England region located in the northeastern United States. It is bordered by New Hampshire, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Canadian provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick. Maine is known as the "Pine Tree State."

Some key facts about Maine:

  • Capital: Augusta
  • Population: Around 1.3 million
  • Area: 35,380 square miles (39th largest state)
  • Nickname: The Pine Tree State

Maine has extensive coastline along the Atlantic Ocean and many offshore islands. The famous Maine lobster fishery operates along the coast. Inland, Maine is heavily forested and mountainous, including the northern portion of the Appalachian Mountains.

Maine has a long history dating back to early Native American tribes and European settlement in the 1600s. Major industries today include forestry, fishing, agriculture, tourism, and manufacturing. Portland is Maine's largest city and cultural hub.

Maine is known for its dramatic natural beauty and maritime culture. Popular activities include boating, hiking, skiing, and visiting lighthouses and beaches. Acadia National Park is one of Maine's most visited outdoor destinations.

Maine has a unique regional identity that includes lobsters, blueberries, moose, and an independent spirit. The cold, snowy winters give way to warm summer months. Fall foliage season attracts many "leaf peepers".

In summary, Maine is an iconic New England state with rocky coastlines, evergreen forests, picturesque towns, and lobster shacks. Its natural riches and cultural traditions make Maine a unique place to live and visit.

Maine locator map
Location of Maine

Quick Facts about Maine

Population : 1,350,141
Country : United States of America
Head of government : Governor of Maine
Area : 91646 km2
Water as percent of area : 12.82%
Land as percent of area : 87.18%
Continent : North America
Easternmost point : Point(-66.949777777 44.815388888), Point(-66.947027777 44.812555555)
Northernmost point : Point(-69.2246 47.4597)
Legislative body : Maine Legislature
Named for : Province of Maine, Broadmayne, Maine
Altitude : 591 feet / 180 meters
Capital : Augusta
Establishment : March 03, 1820 (203 years ago)
Time Zone : Eastern Time Zone, America/New_York
Local time : 02:39:40 (2nd March 2024)
Seal of Maine seal image
Seal of Maine
Seal of Maine seal image


Maine is located at 45°30'1"N 69°14'59"W (45.5003200, -69.2497700). It has 3 neighbors: New Hampshire, New Brunswick and Quebec.

Maine map

The largest city of Maine is City of Portland with a population of 653,115. Other cities include, Portland population 66,803, Lewiston population 36,226, Bangor population 31,998 and West Scarborough population 27,706. See all Maine cities & populated places.

Largest Cities in Maine (more)

Cities, Towns, Villages, Neighborhoods & Other Populated Places in Maine.

City Name Title County Population
City of Portland The twenty-eighth most populous city in the United States and the center of the Portland metropolitan area. Cumberland 653,115
Portland The most populous city in Cumberland County, Maine. Cumberland 66,803
Lewiston City in Androscoggin County, Maine, United States Androscoggin 36,226
Bangor City in Penobscot County, Maine, USA Penobscot 31,998
West Scarborough City in United States of America Cumberland 27,706
South Portland City in Cumberland County, Maine, USA Cumberland 25,950
South Portland Gardens City in Cumberland County, Maine, United States of America Cumberland 23,893
Auburn City in Maine, USA Androscoggin 23,410
Scarborough Town in Cumberland County, Maine, United States Cumberland 21,527
Biddeford City in York County, Maine York 21,500
Sanford City in York County, Maine, United States York 21,253
Brunswick Town in Cumberland County, Maine, US Cumberland 20,619
Saco City in York County, Maine York 20,121
Westbrook City in Cumberland County, Maine, United States Cumberland 19,267
Augusta County seat in Kennebec County, Maine, USA and Maine federated state capital city Kennebec 18,747
Gorham Town in Cumberland County, Maine, United States Cumberland 17,962

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    Janet T. Mills ,

Maine has 3 neighbours.

  • Lincoln County
  • Washington County
  • Androscoggin County
  • Somerset County
  • Aroostook County
  • Kennebec County
  • Piscataquis County
  • Oxford County
  • Cumberland County
  • Franklin County
  • Knox County
  • Hancock County
  • York County
  • Penobscot County
  • Waldo County
  • Sagadahoc County


Year Population % Change Method
1910 742,371 - census
1920 768,014 3.34% census
1930 797,423 3.69% census
1940 847,226 5.88% census
1950 913,774 7.28% census
1960 969,265 5.73% census
1970 992,048 2.3% census
1980 1,124,660 11.79% census
1990 1,227,928 8.41% census
2000 1,274,923 3.69% census
2010 1,328,361 4.02% census
2011 1,328,284 -0.01% estimation process
2012 1,327,729 -0.04% estimation process
2013 1,328,009 0.02% estimation process
2014 1,330,513 0.19% estimation process
2015 1,328,262 -0.17% estimation process
2016 1,331,317 0.23% estimation process
2017 1,334,612 0.25% estimation process
2018 1,339,057 0.33% estimation process
2019 1,344,212 0.38% estimation process
2020 1,350,141 0.44% estimation process

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People born in Maine (146)

People born in Maine, including painter and art administrator Virgil Williams, musician William Batchelder Bradbury, archaeologist John Howland Rowe, .


  • Dave Graham (American rock climber) he was born in 10/11/1981
  • Ezra Abbot (Anerican librarian and biblical scholar) he was born in 28/04/1819
  • Charles Deering (American businessman) he was born in 31/07/1852
  • Sam Webb (Chairman of the Communist Party USA) he was born in 16/07/1945
  • Heather Hemmens (American actress and director) she was born in 10/07/1988
  • Owen King (American writer) he was born in 21/02/1977
  • Oakes Murphy (American politician (1849-1908)) he was born in 14/10/1849
  • Victor A. McKusick (American internist and medical geneticist) he was born in 21/10/1921
  • Jodie Starling (Detective Conan character)
  • Charles Farrar Browne (American writer) he was born in 26/04/1834
  • Chester Greenwood (American inventor) he was born in 04/12/1858
  • David S. Rohde (Investigative journalist) he was born in 07/08/1967
  • Edwin Arlington Robinson (American poet) he was born in 22/12/1869
  • Elizabeth Hill (American screenwriter) she was born in 27/02/1901
  • Henry Ingalls (American lawyer (1819-1896)) he was born in 01/01/1819
  • Robert Dunham (American actor, racing driver, journalist, US Marine (1931-2001)) he was born in 06/07/1931
  • James Deering (American industrialist) he was born in 01/01/1859
  • John Blackwood (American association football player) he was born in 31/08/1877

Other places with the same name (4)

  • Maine , New York town in New York, United States with a population of 5,005 people.
  • Maine , Wisconsin town in Marathon County, Wisconsin, United States with a population of 895 people.
  • Maine , Minnesota township in Otter Tail County, Minnesota with a population of 654 people.

Maine Counties (more)

Cumberland County
Cumberland County

Cumberland County, county in Maine, United States

York County
York County

York County, county in Maine, United States

Penobscot County
Penobscot County

Penobscot County, county in Maine, United States of America

County Name Population
Cumberland County 298,111
York County 209,066
Penobscot County 151,655
Kennebec County 122,955
Androscoggin County 108,547
Aroostook County 66,804
Oxford County 58,132
Hancock County 55,088
Somerset County 50,635
Knox County 39,951
Waldo County 39,923
Sagadahoc County 36,044
Lincoln County 34,775
Washington County 31,473
Franklin County 29,986
Piscataquis County 16,996

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