How far is Tomah, WI from Racine, WI?

Fastest route

The directions are from Tomah, Wisconsin 54660, USA to Racine, Wisconsin, USA. The fastest route is approximately 193 miles and takes about 2 hours and 55 minutes via I-90 E and I-94 E.


  1. Head west on E Lacrosse St toward I-94 ALT/Superior Ave. (🚗)
  2. Turn left at the 1st cross street onto I-94 ALT/Superior Ave. (🔄)
  3. Turn left onto US-12 E/E Clifton St/I-90 ALT/I-94 ALT, then left to merge onto I-90 E toward I-94 ALT/Madison. (🚗)
  4. Continue on I-90 E. (🛣️)
  5. Take I-94 E to County Rd K in Raymond. Take exit 329 from I-41. (🛣️)
  6. Keep left at the fork to continue on I-94 E, follow signs for Milwaukee. (🚗)
  7. Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 305 A-B for I-41 S/I-894/US-45 S toward Airport/Chicago. Merge onto I-41/I-894 E/US-45 S. (🛣️)

Tips & Suggestions

  • Make sure to follow the signs for the designated highways and exits.
  • Use the rightmost lanes when instructed to merge or take exits.
  • Stay alert and observe traffic conditions during your journey.
  • Take breaks if needed to rest and refuel.
  • Use a GPS navigation system or map for real-time updates and guidance.
  • Check for any road closures or construction updates before starting your trip.
  • Enjoy the scenic drive and drive safely! (🌳🚗)

Distance by Flight

Shortest distance between Tomah and Racine is 161.79 miles (260.37 km).

Flight distance from Tomah, WI to Racine, WI is 161.79 miles. Estimated flight time is 00 hours 23 minutes.

It takes 00 hours 21 minutes to travel from Tomah to Racine with an airplane (average speed of 550 miles).

Driving distance

The driving distance from Tomah, Wisconsin to Racine, Wisconsin is: 193.67 miles (311.69 km) by car.

Driving from Tomah to Racine will take approximately 03 hours 07 minutes.

Racine image
#1 Tomah

City in Monroe County, Wisconsin, United States

Population 1470
GPS Coordinates 43°58'43"N 90°30'14"W
Latitude 43.9785800
Longitude -90.5040200
Altitude 296
Country United States
Racine image
#2 Racine

The second most populous city in Racine County, Wisconsin. It is located on Lake Michigan in southeastern Wisconsin. Racine is known for its many parks and green spaces, its many historical sites, and its many attractions, such as the Racine Art Museum and the Racine Zoological Gardens.

Population 76237
GPS Coordinates 42°43'34"N 87°46'58"W
Latitude 42.7261300
Longitude -87.7828500
Altitude 188
Country United States

Estimated Travel Time Between Tomah and Racine

The distance between Tomah and Racine is 312 km if you choose to drive by road. You can go 03 hours 27 minutes if you drive your car at an average speed of 90 kilometers / hour. For different choices, please review the avg. speed travel time table on the below.

There is no time difference between Tomah and Racine. The current time is 20:24:41.

Average Speed Travel Time
30 mph (48.3 km/h) 06 hours 27 minutes
40 mph (64.37 km/h) 04 hours 50 minutes
50 mph (80.47 km/h) 03 hours 52 minutes
60 mph (96.56 km/h) 03 hours 13 minutes
70 mph (112.65 km/h) 02 hours 46 minutes
75 mph (120.7 km/h) 02 hours 34 minutes
80 mph (128.75 km/h) 02 hours 24 minutes

Gas Consumption

A car with a fuel efficiency of 8.3 l/100 km will need 25.87 liters (6.83 gallon) of gas to cover the route between Tomah and Racine.
The estimated cost of gas to go from Tomah to Racine is $23.8 (diesel $28.37).

Wisconsin gas prices.

Gasoline Mid Grade Premium Diesel
Gallon $3.48 $3.92 $4.37 $4.15
Total $23.8 $26.78 $29.84 $28.37

Take a look at our Gas Cost Calculator feature. It will figure out how much it will cost to drive this particular distance.

The average gas price (in Wisconsin ) per gallon of daily gas for calculations is $3.482 (Diesel $4.151) /gallon. Last changed prices on September 30, 2023.

How did we calculate the distance?

The place names are translated into coordinates to approximate the distance between Tomah and Racine (latitude and longitude). Cities, states, and countries each have their own regional center. The Haversine formula is used to measure the radius.

Distance to Other Cities

Racine image

Driving distance from Eau Claire, WI to Tomah 80.69 miles (130 km)

Racine image

Driving distance from City of Janesville, WI to Tomah 132.85 miles (214 km)

Racine image

Driving distance from Kenosha, WI to Tomah 203.36 miles (327 km)

Racine image

Driving distance from La Crosse, WI to Tomah 44.52 miles (72 km)

Racine image

Driving distance from Milwaukee, WI to Tomah 168.14 miles (271 km)

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Driving distance from New Berlin, WI to Tomah 160.43 miles (258 km)

Driving distance from North La Crosse, WI to Tomah 41.34 miles (67 km)

Racine image

Driving distance from Wauwatosa, WI to Tomah 163.63 miles (263 km)

Racine image

Driving distance from West Allis, WI to Tomah 163.05 miles (262 km)

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