How far is Marathon, WI from Milwaukee, WI?

Fastest route

Here are some tips and suggestions for your trip from Marathon City, Wisconsin (ZIP code: 54448) to Milwaukee, Wisconsin:


  1. Head south on WI-107 S/Main St toward 5th St, and continue to follow WI-107 S.
  2. Turn left onto County Rd N E and then continue straight to stay on Co Rd B.
  3. At the traffic circle, take the 1st exit onto Old Hwy 51.
  4. Turn right to merge onto I-39 S/US-51 S toward WI-153.
  5. Take exit 158 toward Appleton, and then use any lane to turn right onto US-10 E.
  6. Take exit 276 for US-45 S toward Oshkosh, and then use any lane to take the I-41 S exit toward Milwaukee.
  7. Use the right 3 lanes to take exit 38 A-38 B for I-94 E toward Milwaukee, keep left and merge onto I-94 E.
  8. Keep left to continue on I-794 E, and then use the left 2 lanes to take exit 1E for Jackson St.
  9. Turn right onto E St Paul Ave, and finally, turn right onto N Milwaukee St.

Tips & Suggestions

  • 🚗 Drive Safely: Follow traffic rules and signs to ensure a smooth journey.
  • ⛽ Fuel Up: Before starting your trip, make sure your vehicle has enough fuel to cover the distance.
  • 🍽️ Plan Breaks: Consider stopping at scenic spots or rest areas to relax and stretch during the long drive.
  • 🚧 Check Traffic Updates: Keep an eye on real-time traffic conditions to choose the fastest route.
  • 🚙 Car Maintenance: Ensure your vehicle is in good condition with proper oil, tire pressure, and engine check.
  • 📱 GPS Navigation: Use a reliable navigation app to stay on track and find alternate routes if needed.
  • 🥤 Stay Hydrated: Bring enough water for the journey, especially during hot weather.

Distance by Flight

Shortest distance between Marathon and Milwaukee is 162.16 miles (260.98 km).

Flight distance from Marathon, WI to Milwaukee, WI is 162.16 miles. Estimated flight time is 00 hours 22 minutes.

It takes 00 hours 20 minutes to travel from Marathon to Milwaukee with an airplane (average speed of 550 miles).

Driving distance

The driving distance from Marathon, Wisconsin to Milwaukee, Wisconsin is: 188.2 miles (302.88 km) by car.

Driving from Marathon to Milwaukee will take approximately 03 hours 01 minutes.

Milwaukee image
#1 Marathon

Village in Marathon County, Wisconsin

Population 1103
GPS Coordinates 44°55'45"N 89°50'25"W
Latitude 44.9291300
Longitude -89.8404000
Altitude 391
Country United States
Milwaukee image
#2 Milwaukee

The thirtieth most populous city in the United States and the center of the Milwaukee metropolitan area. It is located on the western shore of Lake Michigan in southeastern Wisconsin. Milwaukee is a major center for the manufacturing industry and is home to the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team.

Population 589067
GPS Coordinates 43°2'20"N 87°54'23"W
Latitude 43.0389000
Longitude -87.9064700
Altitude 188
Country United States

Estimated Travel Time Between Marathon and Milwaukee

The distance between Marathon and Milwaukee is 303 km if you choose to drive by road. You can go 03 hours 21 minutes if you drive your car at an average speed of 90 kilometers / hour. For different choices, please review the avg. speed travel time table on the below.

There is no time difference between Marathon and Milwaukee. The current time is 19:20:11.

Average Speed Travel Time
30 mph (48.3 km/h) 06 hours 16 minutes
40 mph (64.37 km/h) 04 hours 42 minutes
50 mph (80.47 km/h) 03 hours 45 minutes
60 mph (96.56 km/h) 03 hours 08 minutes
70 mph (112.65 km/h) 02 hours 41 minutes
75 mph (120.7 km/h) 02 hours 30 minutes
80 mph (128.75 km/h) 02 hours 20 minutes

Gas Consumption

A car with a fuel efficiency of 8.3 l/100 km will need 25.14 liters (6.64 gallon) of gas to cover the route between Marathon and Milwaukee.
The estimated cost of gas to go from Marathon to Milwaukee is $22.85 (diesel $27.52).

Wisconsin gas prices.

Gasoline Mid Grade Premium Diesel
Gallon $3.44 $3.88 $4.33 $4.14
Total $22.85 $25.79 $28.75 $27.52

Take a look at our Gas Cost Calculator feature. It will figure out how much it will cost to drive this particular distance.

The average gas price (in Wisconsin ) per gallon of daily gas for calculations is $3.441 (Diesel $4.144) /gallon. Last changed prices on October 03, 2023.

How did we calculate the distance?

The place names are translated into coordinates to approximate the distance between Marathon and Milwaukee (latitude and longitude). Cities, states, and countries each have their own regional center. The Haversine formula is used to measure the radius.

Distance to Other Cities

Milwaukee image

Driving distance from Eau Claire, WI to Marathon 91.28 miles (147 km)

Milwaukee image

Driving distance from City of Janesville, WI to Marathon 174.74 miles (281 km)

Milwaukee image

Driving distance from Kenosha, WI to Marathon 223.75 miles (360 km)

Milwaukee image

Driving distance from La Crosse, WI to Marathon 138.23 miles (222 km)

Milwaukee image

Driving distance from New Berlin, WI to Marathon 202.32 miles (326 km)

Driving distance from North La Crosse, WI to Marathon 135.05 miles (217 km)

Milwaukee image

Driving distance from Racine, WI to Marathon 214.06 miles (344 km)

Milwaukee image

Driving distance from Wauwatosa, WI to Marathon 181.57 miles (292 km)

Milwaukee image

Driving distance from West Allis, WI to Marathon 183.11 miles (295 km)

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