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Delaware: State of the United States of America


Delaware became the 1st state by ratifying the U.S. Constitution on December 7, 1787. It is the second smallest state, with three counties: New Castle, Kent, and Sussex. The capital is Dover and the largest city is Wilmington. Here are some key facts about Delaware:

Geography and Climate

Despite its small size of 2,489 square miles, Delaware has a strategic location along the Atlantic Coast. It shares borders with Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The topography ranges from coastal plains along the Atlantic to piedmont further inland.

The climate is moderate with four distinct seasons. Winters are cold while summers are typically hot and humid.

Economy and Industries

Delaware's economy relies heavily on the chemical and technology industries. Top companies incorporated in Delaware include DuPont and Incyte. Delaware is also known for having business friendly incorporation laws. Over 50% of U.S. publicly traded companies are incorporated in Delaware.

Other major industries include agriculture, tourism, banking, and pharmaceuticals. Top agricultural products are soybeans, chicken, and corn. Popular tourist spots include Rehoboth Beach and Cape Henlopen State Park.

Culture and Demographics

Delaware has just under 1 million residents. The largest ethnicity is white at 60% followed by African American at 22%. Other groups include Hispanic, Asian and mixed races.

The culture reflects mid-Atlantic influences. Wilmington has a vibrant arts scene. Local cuisine includes blue crabs, saltwater taffy and homemade ice cream.

Education and Sports

The University of Delaware is a top public university located in Newark. Other universities include Delaware State University, Wesley College, and Wilmington University. No major professional sports teams are based in Delaware.

Government and Politics

The current governor is John Carney, a Democrat first elected in 2016. Delaware has one representative in the U.S. House but has two U.S. Senators. Delaware is a reliably blue state, having voted Democratic in presidential elections since 1992.


In summary, Delaware is the first state, known for its strategic location, business friendly laws, chemical industry presence and mid-Atlantic culture. Tourism and agriculture also contribute to the economy. Despite its small size, Delaware plays an outsized role in U.S. commerce and history.

Delaware locator map
Location of Delaware

Quick Facts about Delaware

Population : 986,809
Country : United States of America
Head of government : Governor of Delaware
Area : 6452 km2
Water as percent of area : 21.71%
Land as percent of area : 78.29%
Continent : North America
Northernmost point : Point(-75.5698 39.8395)
Legislative body : Delaware General Assembly
Named for : Delaware Bay
Altitude : 59 feet / 18 meters
Capital : Dover
Establishment : December 12, 1787 (236 years ago)
Time Zone : Eastern Time Zone, America/New_York
Local time : 02:14:12 (17th April 2024)
Seal of Delaware seal image
Seal of Delaware
Seal of Delaware seal image


Delaware is located at 39°0'1"N 75°29'60"W (39.0003900, -75.4999200). It has 3 neighbors: Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Delaware map

The largest city of Delaware is Wilmington with a population of 70,376. Other cities include, Dover population 38,199, Newark population 33,849, Milford population 12,278 and Seaford population 8,246. See all Delaware cities & populated places.

Largest Cities in Delaware (more)

Cities, Towns, Villages, Neighborhoods & Other Populated Places in Delaware.

City Name Title County Population
Wilmington The largest city in New Castle County, Delaware. New Castle 70,376
Dover City in and county seat of Kent County, Delaware, United States, and capital city of Delaware Kent 38,199
Newark City in New Castle County, Delaware, United States New Castle 33,849
Middletown Town in Delaware, USA New Castle 23,765
Bear Census-designated place in Delaware, United States New Castle 19,371
Hockessin Census designated place New Castle 13,527
Milford City in Kent and Sussex counties, Delaware, United States of America Sussex 12,278
Smyrna Town in Delaware Kent 12,163
Claymont Census-designated place in Delaware New Castle 8,253
Seaford City in Delaware, United States Sussex 8,246
North Star Census designated place New Castle 7,980
Pike Creek Census designated place New Castle 7,898
Wilmington Manor Census-designated place in Delaware New Castle 7,889
Georgetown Town in Sussex County, Delaware, United States Sussex 7,797
Elsmere Town in Delaware New Castle 5,761
Edgemoor Census designated place New Castle 5,677

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Delaware has 3 neighbours.

  • Maryland state of the United States of America
  • New Jersey state of the United States of America
  • Pennsylvania state in the northeastern United States

  • Sussex County
  • New Castle County
  • Kent County


Year Population % Change Method
1910 202,322 - census
1920 223,003 9.27% census
1930 238,380 6.45% census
1940 266,505 10.55% census
1950 318,085 16.22% census
1960 446,292 28.73% census
1970 548,104 18.58% census
1980 594,338 7.78% census
1990 666,168 10.78% census
2000 783,600 14.99% census
2010 897,934 12.73% census
2011 907,381 1.04% estimation process
2012 915,179 0.85% estimation process
2013 923,576 0.91% estimation process
2014 932,487 0.96% estimation process
2015 941,252 0.93% estimation process
2016 948,921 0.81% estimation process
2017 956,823 0.83% estimation process
2018 965,479 0.9% estimation process
2019 973,764 0.85% estimation process
2020 986,809 1.32% estimation process

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People born in Delaware (46)

People born in Delaware, including musician Fred Lonberg-Holm, industrialist, financier, philanthropist Alfred Irénée du Pont, film director Roy Del Ruth, .


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  • Delaware , Pennsylvania county in Pennsylvania, United States with a population of 7,116 people.
  • Delaware , New Jersey census-designated place in Warren County, New Jersey, United States with a population of 4,409 people.
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  • Delaware , Iowa city in Ohio, United States; county seat of Delaware County with a population of 149 people.

Delaware Counties

New Castle County
New Castle County

New Castle County, county in Delaware, United States

Sussex County
Sussex County

Sussex County, county in Delaware, United States

Kent County
Kent County

Kent County, county in Delaware, United States

County Name Population
New Castle County 561,531
Sussex County 241,635
Kent County 183,643

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