Washington Counties

Washington, state of the United States of America. There are 39 county in Washington. You can find the list of these counties and detailed information from the links below.

King County
King County

King County, population 2,274,315

Pierce County
Pierce County

Pierce County, population 913,890

Snohomish County
Snohomish County

Snohomish County, population 830,393

Washington State has 39 counties that govern a diverse landscape including coastal regions, rainforests, mountains, high deserts, and farmland. Here's an overview of the counties that make up Washington:

The most populous county is King County, home to Seattle and its rapidly growing suburbs. Other densely populated counties include Pierce County (Tacoma), Snohomish County (Everett), Spokane County (Spokane), Clark County (Vancouver), and Yakima County (Yakima).

Coastal and western counties located along the Pacific Ocean and Puget Sound include Whatcom, Skagit, Island, Kitsap, Thurston, and Grays Harbor counties. These regions are known for their seaports, timber industry, and ocean recreation.

Eastern Washington counties consist of rolling hills, mountains, and high desert. Major counties include Benton, Grant, Franklin, Walla Walla, and Whitman counties. Agriculture and winemaking thrive here.

Sparsely populated counties can be found in the central and northern Cascade Mountains. These include Garfield, Columbia, Ferry, Pend Oreille, and Stevens counties with their small towns and wilderness areas.

Southwestern Washington counties along the Columbia River include Clark, Skamania, Klickitat, and Wahkiakum counties. These areas feature forests, dams, and water recreation.

From the Pacific Coast to the Idaho border, Washington's diverse counties oversee a state with booming cities, rainforests, mountains, valleys, and deserts. The counties provide essential services and local governance.

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County Name Population Cities
Adams County 20,027 Adams County cities
Asotin County 22,820 Asotin County cities
Benton County 206,426 Benton County cities
Chelan County 77,574 Chelan County cities
Clallam County 78,067 Clallam County cities
Clark County 496,865 Clark County cities
Columbia County 4,048 Columbia County cities
Cowlitz County 111,371 Cowlitz County cities
Douglas County 43,560 Douglas County cities
Ferry County 7,759 Ferry County cities
Franklin County 97,075 Franklin County cities
Garfield County 2,290 Garfield County cities
Grant County 99,377 Grant County cities
Grays Harbor County 75,950 Grays Harbor County cities
Island County 86,014 Island County cities
Jefferson County 32,700 Jefferson County cities
King County 2,274,315 King County cities
Kitsap County 272,787 Kitsap County cities
Kittitas County 49,204 Kittitas County cities
Klickitat County 22,697 Klickitat County cities
Lewis County 82,109 Lewis County cities
Lincoln County 11,090 Lincoln County cities
Mason County 68,224 Mason County cities
Okanogan County 42,620 Okanogan County cities
Pacific County 22,984 Pacific County cities
Pend Oreille County 14,144 Pend Oreille County cities
Pierce County 913,890 Pierce County cities
San Juan County 17,492 San Juan County cities
Skagit County 130,789 Skagit County cities
Skamania County 12,107 Skamania County cities
Snohomish County 830,393 Snohomish County cities
Spokane County 528,225 Spokane County cities
Stevens County 46,360 Stevens County cities
Thurston County 294,074 Thurston County cities
Wahkiakum County 4,498 Wahkiakum County cities
Walla Walla County 61,292 Walla Walla County cities
Whatcom County 231,016 Whatcom County cities
Whitman County 49,500 Whitman County cities
Yakima County 251,879 Yakima County cities

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