Cities & Towns in Ukraine,

Ukraine, Independent country in eastern Europe. As of 2020 country had an estimated population of 42,558,328 inhabitants. The country was created 30 years ago in 1991. Its capital city is "Kyiv".

There are more than 100 city/town in Ukraine, . The largest city of Ukraine is Kryvyy Rih with a population of 629,695. Other cities include, Mariupol population 449,498, Makiivka population 343,158, Cherkasy population 276,360, Sumy population 265,758

Kryvyy Rih

Kryvyy Rih, city in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, Ukraine


Mariupol, city in Donetsk Oblast in southeastern Ukraine


Makiivka, city in Donetsk Oblast in eastern Ukraine

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Cities, Towns, Neighborhoods & Other Populated Places in Ukraine.

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City Name Title County Population
Kryvyy Rih City in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, Ukraine Kryvyy Rih Raion 629,695
Mariupol City in Donetsk Oblast in southeastern Ukraine 449,498
Makiivka City in Donetsk Oblast in eastern Ukraine Makiivska Miskrada 343,158
Cherkasy City in Ukraine Cherkasy Raion 276,360
Sumy City in northern in Ukraine 265,758
Rivne City in western Ukraine 245,630
Ivano-Frankivsk City in Western Ukraine Ivano-Frankivsk urban Raion 236,602
Kropyvnytskyy City in central Ukraine, administrative center of the Kirovohrad Oblast Kropyvnytskyy Raion 227,413
Kremenchuk City in central Ukraine Kremenchuk Raion 220,174
Ternopil City of Ternopil Oblast, Ukraine Ternopil Raion 218,653
Lutsk City in Ukraine 216,505
Bila Tserkva City in Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine 208,944
Kerch City on the Kerch Peninsula in Crimea Kerchens'ka Mis'ka Rada 150,573
Uzhgorod City and administrative center of Zarkapattia Oblast and Uzhorod District in western Ukraine Uzhhorod Raion 114,897
Lysychansk City in Luhansk Oblast (province) of Ukraine 111,600
Yevpatoriya City in Crimea Gorodskoy okrug Yevpatoriya 108,248
Pavlohrad City in Ukraine Pavlohrad Raion 106,082
Konotop City in Ukraine 91,798
Kostiantynivka City of Ukraine Kostiantynivka Raion 91,259
Drohobych City 79,406
Kadiyivka City in Luhansk Oblast in eastern Ukraine Kadiyivka 74,546
Izmail City in Ukraine Izmail Raion 71,411
Chystyakove City of Ukraine Torezka Miskrada 68,037
Smila City of Ukraine Smila Raion 67,534
Kalush City in Ukraine Kalush Raion 66,406
Pryluky City of Ukraine 62,823
Druzhkivka City of Ukraine 62,315
Lozova City of Ukraine 62,311
Kolomyya City of Ukraine Kolomyya Raion 61,269
Novohrad-Volynskyi City of Ukraine 56,288
Enerhodar City of Ukraine Kamyanka-Dniprovska Raion 53,567
Horishni Plavni City in Ukraine (previously known as Komsomolsk) Kremenchuk Raion 51,215
Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi City in the Odessa Oblast (province) of southwestern Ukraine Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyy Raion 50,201
Okhtyrka City of Ukraine 47,971
Snizhne City of regional significance in Donetsk, Ukraine 47,259
Nova Kakhovka City in the Ukraine Kakhovka Raion 45,819
Lubny City of Ukraine Lubny Raion 45,379
Svitlovodsk City of Ukraine Svitlovodsk Raion 44,857
Zhovti Vody City Pyatykhatky Rayon 44,128
Shepetivka City of Ukraine Shepetivka Raion 41,599
Vyshneve City of Ukraine 40,919
Myrhorod City in Ukraine Myrhorod Raion 39,575
Netishyn City of Ukraine Slavuta Raion 36,909
Boryslav City of Ukraine 36,704
Slavuta City of Ukraine Slavuta Raion 35,444
Boyarka City of Ukraine 35,411
Sambir City of regional significance, the administrative center of the Sambir district, Lviv region of Ukraine 35,197
Starokostyantyniv City of Ukraine Starokostyantyniv Raion 34,571
Zhmerynka City of Ukraine Zhmerynka Raion 34,353
Chuhuiv City of Ukraine 33,144
Yuzhne City of regional significance in Odessa Oblast, Ukraine Lyman Raion 32,679
Obukhiv City of Ukraine Obukhiv Raion 31,557
Tokmak City in Zaporizhzhia Oblast (province) of Ukraine Tokmak Raion 31,016
Alushta City in Crimea Gorodskoy okrug Alushta 29,963
Balakliia City of Ukraine 28,868
Chortkiv City of Ukraine Chortkiv Raion 28,858
Khust City in Ukraine Khust Raion 28,424
Zolotonosha City of Ukraine Zolotonosha Raion 27,818
Malyn City of Ukraine 27,068
Truskavets’ City in Lviv Oblast, Ukraine 26,600
Haysyn City of Ukraine Haysyn Raion 25,735
Korostyshiv City of Ukraine Radomyshl Raion 25,099
Saki City of Crimea Gorodskoy okrug Saki 24,727
Berehove City in Ukraine Berehove Raion 23,732
Volnovakha City in Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine 23,731
Zdolbuniv City 23,697
Merefa City of Ukraine 23,679
Kreminna City in Luhansk Oblast (province) of Ukraine. 23,538
Bakhmach City 23,379
Brody City in the Lviv Oblast (province) of western Ukraine 23,239
Ladyzhyn City of Ukraine Haysyn Raion 22,687
Zolochiv City of Ukraine 22,608
Lyubotyn City of Ukraine 22,545
Nadvirna City of Ukraine Nadvirna Raion 22,447
Krasnohrad City of Ukraine 21,426
Polonne City of Ukraine Polonne Raion 20,785
Kiliya City in Odesa Oblast (province) of Ukraine Kiliya Raion 19,540
Pidhorodne City in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast (province) of Ukraine Dnipro rural raion 19,524
Derhachi City of Ukraine 19,322
Zuhres City of Ukraine 19,121
Polohy City in Zaporizhia Oblast (province) of Ukraine Polohy Raion 18,886
Krasyliv City of Ukraine Krasyliv Raion 18,868
Svatove City in Luhansk Oblast (province) of Ukraine 18,770
Balta City in Ukraine Balta Raion 18,511
Dniprorudne City in Zaporizhia Oblast (province) of Ukraine Vasylivka Raion 18,468
Berezhany City of Ukraine Berezhany Raion 17,697
Svalyava City of Ukraine Svalyava Raion 17,234
Zmiiv City in Kharkiv oblast, Ukraine 17,063
Zvenihorodka City of Ukraine Zvenihorodka Raion 16,830
Vatutine City of Ukraine Zvenihorodka Raion 16,389
Horodok City in Lviv Oblast, Ukraine Horodok Raion 16,046
Dunayivtsi City Dunayivtsi Raion 16,004
Apostolove City in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast (province) of Ukraine 15,828
Ovruch City in Ukraine 15,795
Rakhiv City of Ukraine Rakhiv Raion 15,621
Bohodukhiv City of Ukraine 15,576
Bilopillya City of Ukraine 15,215
Nosivka City of Ukraine 15,164
Bolhrad City in Odesa Oblast (province) of Ukraine Bolhrad Raion 15,044
Burshtyn City in western Ukraine Halych Raion 15,039