Hebron Al Khalil, West Bank

Hebron: City in the West Bank



Hebron is located at 31°31'46"N 35°5'38"E (31.5293500, 35.0938000).

Hebron map

Hebron Quick Facts

Population : 160,470
Country : Herodian kingdom, State of Palestine, State of Palestine, Palestinian National Authority, Israel, Jordan, Mandatory Palestine, Ottoman Empire
State : West Bank (Palestinian Territory)
County : Al Khalil
Area : 74.1 km2
Altitude : 3,051 feet / 930 meters
Time Zone : Asia/Hebron
Local time : 00:32:18 (29th October 2021)

Al Khalil, Al Khalīl, Al-Khalil, Chevrona, El Halil, El Khalil, El Khulil, Habrun, Hebrom, Hebron, Hebronas, Hebroni, Hebrón, Hevron, Hevrōn, Hébron, Khalil', Khalil-el-Rahman, Khebron, Kheuron, Khevron, alkhlyl, epiron, hbrwn, hebarana, hebeulon, hebrona, heburon, hi brxn, xi bo lun, Əl Xəlil, Χεβρώνα, Халиль, Хеброн, Хеврон, Хеўрон, Әл-Халил, חברון, الخليل, الخلیل, हेब्रॉन, হেবরন, எபிரோன், ฮีบรอน, ኬብሮን, Ḩabrūn, ヘブロン, 希伯仑, 헤브론

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