How far is Pleasantville, IA from Waterloo, IA?

Fastest route

The distance between Pleasantville, Iowa 50225, and Waterloo, Iowa, is approximately 121 miles (195 kilometers). The fastest route to reach Waterloo is currently via US-63 N. The estimated travel time is 2 hours and 11 minutes.


  1. Head east on E Jackson St toward N Columbus St.
  2. Turn left at the 1st cross street onto N Columbus St.
  3. Turn right onto E North St.
  4. Turn left onto IA-5 Business/Hobson St.
  5. Continue to follow IA-5 Business.
  6. Continue onto SE 116th St.
  7. Continue onto SE 112th St.
  8. Continue onto NE 38th Ave.
  9. Continue onto NE 116th St.
  10. Continue onto Center Ave N.
  11. Turn right onto NE 112th St.
  12. Get on US-30 E in Marshall County from IA-330 N.
  13. Turn right to merge onto US-30 E.
  14. Follow US-30 E and US-63 N to University Ave in Waterloo.
  15. Slight right toward 300th St.
  16. Slight right onto 300th St.
  17. Turn left onto US-63 N/N County Rd.
  18. Continue to follow US-63 N.
  19. Continue straight onto Sergeant Rd.
  20. Turn right onto University Ave.
  21. Drive to Washington St.
  22. Use the right 2 lanes to turn slightly right to stay on University Ave.
  23. Continue onto Washington St.

Tips & Suggestions

  • 🚗 Plan ahead: Before starting the journey, check for any potential traffic or road closures that might affect your travel time.
  • ⛽ Fuel up: Ensure your vehicle has enough fuel for the trip, especially if there are long stretches between gas stations.
  • 🚧 Be aware of construction: Be prepared for possible roadwork or construction along the way, and follow any detours or alternate routes if needed.
  • 📱 Stay connected: Keep your phone charged and have a car charger handy, in case you need to use navigation or make emergency calls.
  • 🍽️ Pack snacks: Bring some snacks and water for the road to stay refreshed and energized during the trip.
  • 💡 Check weather conditions: Before you leave, check the weather forecast for both your starting point and destination to be prepared for any adverse conditions.
  • 🛣️ Follow road signs: Pay attention to road signs and directions to avoid missing any turns or exits along the route.

Distance by Flight

Shortest distance between Pleasantville and Waterloo is 90.09 miles (144.99 km).

Flight distance from Pleasantville, IA to Waterloo, IA is 90.09 miles. Estimated flight time is 00 hours 14 minutes.

It takes 00 hours 13 minutes to travel from Pleasantville to Waterloo with an airplane (average speed of 550 miles).

Driving distance

The driving distance from Pleasantville, Iowa to Waterloo, Iowa is: 121.67 miles (195.81 km) by car.

Driving from Pleasantville to Waterloo will take approximately 02 hours 13 minutes.

Waterloo image
#1 Pleasantville

City in Marion County, Iowa

Population 1714
GPS Coordinates 41°23'9"N 93°16'10"W
Latitude 41.3858300
Longitude -93.2693700
Altitude 279
Country United States
Waterloo image
#2 Waterloo

The most populous city in Black Hawk County, Iowa. It is located on the Cedar River in eastern Iowa. Waterloo is known for its many parks and green spaces, its many historical sites, and its many attractions, such as the Grout Museum of Art and the Waterloo Center for the Arts.

Population 67292
GPS Coordinates 42°29'34"N 92°20'35"W
Latitude 42.4927600
Longitude -92.3429600
Altitude 261
Country United States

Estimated Travel Time Between Pleasantville and Waterloo

The distance between Pleasantville and Waterloo is 196 km if you choose to drive by road. You can go 02 hours 10 minutes if you drive your car at an average speed of 90 kilometers / hour. For different choices, please review the avg. speed travel time table on the below.

There is no time difference between Pleasantville and Waterloo. The current time is 15:33:32.

Average Speed Travel Time
30 mph (48.3 km/h) 04 hours 03 minutes
40 mph (64.37 km/h) 03 hours 02 minutes
50 mph (80.47 km/h) 02 hours 25 minutes
60 mph (96.56 km/h) 02 hours 01 minutes
70 mph (112.65 km/h) 01 hours 44 minutes
75 mph (120.7 km/h) 01 hours 37 minutes
80 mph (128.75 km/h) 01 hours 31 minutes

Gas Consumption

A car with a fuel efficiency of 8.3 l/100 km will need 16.25 liters (4.29 gallon) of gas to cover the route between Pleasantville and Waterloo.
The estimated cost of gas to go from Pleasantville to Waterloo is $14.1 (diesel $19.96).

Iowa gas prices.

Gasoline Mid Grade Premium Diesel
Gallon $3.29 $3.6 $4.06 $4.65
Total $14.1 $15.45 $17.45 $19.96

Take a look at our Gas Cost Calculator feature. It will figure out how much it will cost to drive this particular distance.

The average gas price (in Iowa ) per gallon of daily gas for calculations is $3.285 (Diesel $4.648) /gallon. Last changed prices on April 12, 2024.

How did we calculate the distance?

The place names are translated into coordinates to approximate the distance between Pleasantville and Waterloo (latitude and longitude). Cities, states, and countries each have their own regional center. The Haversine formula is used to measure the radius.

Distance to Other Cities

Waterloo image

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Waterloo image

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Waterloo image

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