Cities & Towns in Cleveland County, OK

Cleveland County, county in North Carolina, United States. As of 2020 county had an estimated population of 287,066 inhabitants. The county was created 183 years ago in 1841. Its county seat is Shelby.

There are 7 city/town in Cleveland County, OK. The largest city of Cleveland County is Norman with a population of 125,762. Other cities include, Moore population 63,102, Noble population 7,250, Slaughterville population 4,359, Lexington population 2,187


Norman, The second most populous city in Oklahoma.


Moore, The most populous city in Cleveland County, Oklahoma.


Noble, City in Oklahoma

Sitting on the eastern edge of Oklahoma City metropolitan sprawl, Cleveland County strikes a balance between urban growth and preserved rural charm. Several unique cities across the county provide glimpses into the area's storied past and promising future.

The college town of Norman serves as the county seat and cultural hub, energized by the University of Oklahoma campus. Downtown Norman revels in its arts, music, and foodie scenes while retaining traces of its Victorian-era origins.

To Norman's south, Moore clings to its small-town roots even amid rapid suburbia expansion. Residents show community pride through entities like the Moore War Memorial and annual Stars and Stripes Festival.

On the eastern county line, Noble champions its pioneer history through school names like Pioneer Elementary and landmarks like the restored Victorian-style train depot downtown. From the urban vibe of a bustling college town to remote rural outposts, the cities of Cleveland County encapsulate the spectrum of life in the Heartland.

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List of cities, towns, neighborhoods & other populated places in Cleveland County.

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City Name Title Population
Etowah Town in Cleveland County, Oklahoma 93
Hall Park City in Cleveland County, Oklahoma, United States of America 1,095
Lexington City in Cleveland County, Oklahoma, United States 2,187
Moore The most populous city in Cleveland County, Oklahoma. 63,102
Noble City in Oklahoma 7,250
Norman The second most populous city in Oklahoma. 125,762
Slaughterville Town in Cleveland County, Oklahoma, United States 4,359

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