Cities & Towns in Socialist Republic of Vietnam,

Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Independent country in Southeast Asia. As of 2020 country had an estimated population of 94,660,000 inhabitants. The country was created 1 second ago in 1970. Its capital city is Hanoi.

There are 9 city/town in Socialist Republic of Vietnam, . The largest city of Socialist Republic of Vietnam is Ho Chi Minh City with a population of 10,380,000. Other cities include, Biên Hòa population 407,208, Nha Trang population 283,441, Ðà Lạt population 197,000, Pleiku population 114,225

Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City, City of Vietnam

Biên Hòa

Biên Hòa, City

Nha Trang

Nha Trang, City of Vietnam

All Socialist Republic of Vietnam Cities (Aphebetical)

List of cities, towns, neighborhoods & other populated places in Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

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City Name Title County Population
Ho Chi Minh City City of Vietnam 10,380,000
Biên Hòa City 407,208
Nha Trang City of Vietnam 283,441
Ðà Lạt City of Vietnam 197,000
Pleiku City of Vietnam 114,225
Cà Mau City in Vietnam 111,894
Thành Phố Uông Bí City in north-east, Vietnam 63,829
Bến Tre City in Vietnam 59,442
Dien Bien Phu City in the Northwest region of Vietnam, best known for events during the First Indochina War 40,282

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