Cities & Towns in Ternopil Oblast, 22

Ternopil Oblast, administrative division (oblast) of western Ukraine. As of 2020 state had an estimated population of 1,052,312 inhabitants. The state was created 82 years ago in 1939. Its capital city is "Ternopil".

There are 38 city/town in Ternopil Oblast, 22. The largest city of Ternopil Oblast is Ternopil Oblast with a population of 1,052,312. Other cities include, Ternopil population 218,653, Chortkiv population 28,858, Kremenets population 21,063, Berezhany population 17,697

Ternopil Oblast

Ternopil Oblast, administrative division (oblast) of western Ukraine


Ternopil, city of Ternopil Oblast, Ukraine


Chortkiv, city of Ukraine

All Ternopil Oblast Cities (Aphebetical)

Cities, Towns, Neighborhoods & Other Populated Places in Ternopil Oblast.

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City Name Title County Population
Ternopil Oblast Administrative division (oblast) of western Ukraine 1,052,312
Ternopil City of Ternopil Oblast, Ukraine Ternopil Raion 218,653
Chortkiv City of Ukraine Chortkiv Raion 28,858
Kremenets Kremenets Raion 21,063
Berezhany City of Ukraine Berezhany Raion 17,697
Zbarazh City of Ukraine Zbarazh Raion 13,746
Terebovlya City of Ukraine Ternopil Raion 13,425
Buchach City of Ukraine Buchach Raion 12,414
Borshchiv City of Ukraine Borshchiv Raion 10,862
Zalishchyky City of Ukraine Zalishchyky Raion 9,119
Kozova Town in Ternopil Oblast, Ukraine Kozova Raion 8,989
Lanivtsi City of Ukraine Lanivtsi Raion 8,434
Velyka Berezovytsya Ternopil Raion 8,391
Pidvolochysk Pidvolochysk Raion 7,843
Pochayiv Kremenets Raion 7,735
Husyatyn Administrative territorial entity of Ukraine Husyatyn Raion 7,083
Khorostkiv City of Ukraine Husyatyn Raion 6,730
Zboriv City of Ukraine Zboriv Raion 6,695
Kopychyntsi City of Ukraine Husyatyn Raion 6,601
Monastyryska Monastyryska Raion 5,618
Shumsk Shumsk Raion 5,470
Skala-Podilska Borshchiv Raion 4,245
Skalat City of Ukraine Pidvolochysk Raion 3,888
Belaya River in Russia 3,728
Melnytsya-Podilska Borshchiv Raion 3,716
Mykulyntsi Terebovlya Raion 3,621
Ozerna River in Russia 3,451
Velyki Birky Administrative territorial entity of Ukraine Ternopil Raion 3,376
Zavodske Chortkiv Raion 3,352
Tovste Human settlement in Ternopil Oblast, Ukraine Zalishchyky Raion 3,248
Vyshnivets Zbarazh Raion 3,236
Koropets Monastyryska Raion 3,206
Petrikov 3,033
Pidhaytsi City of Ukraine Pidhaytsi Rayon 2,688
Zaliztsi Human settlement Zboriv Raion 2,584
Zolotyy Potik Buchach Raion 2,382
Hrymayliv Urban-type settlement Husyatyn Raion 1,834
Druzhba 1,586