Sufalat Sama il (Sufālat Samā’il) , Ad Dakhiliyah

Sufalat Sama il: Human settlement in Oman



Sufālat Samā’il is located at 23°19'0"N 58°1'0"E (23.3166700, 58.0166700).

Sufalat Sama il map

Sufālat Samā’il Quick Facts

Population : 47,718
Country : Oman
State : Ad Dakhiliyah (Oman)
Time Zone : Asia/Muscat
Local time : 05:31:55 (23rd October 2021)

Sama'il, Samā’il, Sifalat Samail, Sifālat Samāil, Sufalat Sama'il, Sufālat Samā’il

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