Sabinas Hidalgo (Ciudad Sabinas Hidalgo), Sabinas Hidalgo, Nuevo León

Sabinas Hidalgo: City and municipality located at the Mexican state of Nuevo León


Quick Facts about Ciudad Sabinas Hidalgo

Population : 33,068
Country : Mexico
State : Nuevo León (Mexico)
County : Sabinas Hidalgo
Altitude : 1,010 feet / 308 meters
Time Zone : America/Monterrey
Local time : 02:12:29 (10th December 2022)


Ciudad Sabinas Hidalgo is located at 26°30'13"N 100°10'55"W (26.5035800, -100.1818700).

Sabinas Hidalgo map

Ciudad Sabinas Hidalgo, Sabinas Hidalgo