Qostanay (Kostanay) Qostanay Qalasy, Qostanay




Kostanay is located at 53°12'52"N 63°37'29"E (53.2143500, 63.6246300).

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Kostanay Quick Facts

Population : 210,000
Country : Kazakhstan
State : Qostanay (Kazakhstan)
County : Qostanay Qalasy
Time Zone : Asia/Qostanay
Local time : 05:56:43 (20th September 2021)

KSN, Kostanai, Kostanaj, Kostanajus, Kostanay, Kostanaï, Kostanái, Kustanai, Kustanaisk, Kustanaj, Kustanay, Nikolayevsk, Qo'stanay, Qostanai, Qostanaj, Qostanay, Qoʻstanay, koseutanai, kosutanai, ku s ta ni, ku si ta nai, kwstnay, qwstanay, qwstanay qzaqstan, qwstanayy, Κοστανάι, Костанай, Кустанай, Кустанај, Қостанай, قوستانائی, قوستانای, قوستانای، قزاقستان, قۆستانای, كوستناي, กุสตาไน, კოსტანაი, コスタナイ, 庫斯塔奈, 코스타나이

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