Cities & Towns in Poltava Oblast, 18

Poltava Oblast, oblast of Ukraine. There are 36 city/town in Poltava Oblast, 18.

The largest city of Poltava Oblast is Poltava Oblast with a population of 1,413,829. Other cities include, Poltava population 288,324, Kremenchuk population 220,174, Horishni Plavni population 51,215, Lubny population 45,379

Poltava Oblast

Poltava Oblast, oblast of Ukraine


Poltava, capital city of Poltava Oblast in central Ukraine


Kremenchuk, city in central Ukraine

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Cities, Towns, Neighborhoods & Other Populated Places in Poltava Oblast.

City Name Title County Population
Poltava Oblast Oblast of Ukraine 1,413,829
Poltava Capital city of Poltava Oblast in central Ukraine Poltava Raion 288,324
Kremenchuk City in central Ukraine Kremenchuk Raion 220,174
Horishni Plavni City in Ukraine (previously known as Komsomolsk) Kremenchuk Raion 51,215
Lubny City of Ukraine Lubny Raion 45,379
Myrhorod City in Ukraine Myrhorod Raion 39,575
Hadyach Hadyach Raion 23,480
Pyriatyn National nature park in Poltava Oblast, Ukraine Pyryatyn Raion 15,391
Karlivka City of Ukraine Karlivka Raion 14,470
Khorol City of Ukraine Khorol Raion 12,950
Kotelva Kotelva Raion 12,122
Lokhvytsya City of Ukraine Lokhvytsya Raion 11,338
Hrebinka City in Ukraine Hrebinka Raion 10,713
Kobelyaky Kobelyaky Raion 9,772
Zinkiv Zinkiv Raion 9,514
Hlobyne City of Ukraine Hlobyne Raion 9,349
Reshetylivka Administrative territorial entity of Ukraine Reshetylivka Raion 9,240
Novi Sanzhary Urban-type settlement in Ukraine Novi Sanzhary Raion 8,179
Zavodske Lokhvytsya Raion 8,053
Dykanka Dykanka Raion 7,662
Hradyzk Hlobyne Raion 6,248
Semenivka Semenivka Raion 6,089
Chutove Urban locality in Poltava Oblast, Russia Chutove Raion 6,079
Velyka Bahachka Urban-type settlement in Poltava Oblast, Ukraine Velyka Bahachka Raion 5,488
Opishnya Zinkiv Raion 5,278
Bilyky Kobelyaky Raion 4,913
Shyshaky Shyshaky Raion 4,347
Velyki Sorochyntsi 4,050
Mashivka Raion in Poltava Oblast, Ukraine Mashivka Raion 3,721
Kozelshchyna Kozelshchyna Raion 3,628
Kamennyye Potoki 3,516
Orzhytsya Orzhytya Raion 3,488
Skorokhodove Chutove Raion 3,284
Sencha Japanese Green Tea 2,953
Chornukhy Urban type settlement in Poltava Oblast, Ukraine 2,491
Komyshnya Myrhorod Raion 2,087