Panama (Panamá), Distrito de Panamá, Panamá

Capital of Panama

Panamá Quick Facts

Population : 880,691
Country : Panama
State : Panamá
County : Distrito de Panamá
Different from : Panama City
Twitter username : panamamunicipio
Local dialing code : 507
Area : 275 km2
Official name : Panamá
Coordinate location : Point(-79.5 9.0)
Elevation above sea level : 2 meters
Capital city : Panamá is capital of Panamá District
Establishment : September 09, 1519 (501 years ago)
Located in time zone : UTC−05:00
Timezone : Standard Chinese
Local time : 11:40:43 (20th January 2021)

Year Population Method
2010 880,691 estimation process
2013 880,691 estimation process

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