Kashmir (State of Jammu and Kashmīr) , IN

Former Indian state


The state has a total area of 85,805.81 square miles (222236 km2).

State of Jammu and Kashmīr Quick Facts

Population : 12,541,302
Country : India
Different from : Jammu & Kashmir
Head of government : Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir
Area : 222236 km2
Legislative body : Jammu and Kashmir Legislature
Male population : 6640662
Official language : Urdu
Female population : 5900640
Altitude : 1,073 feet / 327 meters
Capital : Srinagar
Establishment : October 10, 1947 (73 years ago)
Time Zone : UTC+05:30
Local time : 03:12:34 (5th March 2021)

Kashmir map

    Mehbooba Mufti ,

State of Jammu and Kashmīr has 2 neighbors .

Year Population Method
2000 10,069,917 census
2011 12,541,302 census

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Kashmir Region
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Kashmir Region Map
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Map Of Kashmir
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