Cities & Towns in People’s Republic of China,

People’s Republic of China, Independent country in East Asia. As of 2020 country had an estimated population of 1,409,517,397 inhabitants. The country was created 73 years ago in 1949. Its capital city is "Beijing".

There are 16 city/town in People’s Republic of China, . The largest city of People’s Republic of China is Kunshan with a population of 1,600,000. Other cities include, Taizhou population 612,356, Linhai population 152,937, Huadian population 139,047, Fuyu population 138,704


Kunshan, city in Jiangsu, China


Taizhou, city in Jiangsu Province, China


Linhai, city of Zhejiang province, China, included in Taizhou municipality.

All People’s Republic of China Cities (Aphebetical)

Cities, Towns, Neighborhoods & Other Populated Places in People’s Republic of China.

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City Name Title County Population
Kunshan City in Jiangsu, China 1,600,000
Taizhou City in Jiangsu Province, China 612,356
Linhai City of Zhejiang province, China, included in Taizhou municipality. 152,937
Huadian City in Jilin, China 139,047
Fuyu City in China 138,704
Macheng City in Hubei, China 126,366
Lecheng City 124,268
Encheng City in Guangdong province, China 110,921
Zhongxiang City in Hubei, China 108,883
Jinjiang City near Quanzhou, Fujian, China 89,623
Xiangxiang City in Hunan, China 87,592
Shangzhi City in Heilongjiang province, China 82,419
Yutan City 55,312
Shima City in Mie Prefecture, Japan 46,937
Aral City 29,887
Ma’an City in Jordan 1,500