Cities & Towns in Plurinational State of Bolivia,

Plurinational State of Bolivia, Independent country in South America. As of 2020 country had an estimated population of 11,051,600 inhabitants. The country was created 198 years ago in 1825. Its capital city is .

There are 31 city/town in Plurinational State of Bolivia, . The largest city of Plurinational State of Bolivia is Cochabamba with a population of 900,414. Other cities include, Oruro population 208,684, Potosí population 141,251, Montero population 112,837, Camiri population 33,838


Cochabamba, City and municipality in Bolivia


Oruro, City in Bolivia


Potosí, City in Bolivia

All Plurinational State of Bolivia Cities (Aphebetical)

List of cities, towns, neighborhoods & other populated places in Plurinational State of Bolivia.

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City Name Title County Population
Cochabamba City and municipality in Bolivia 900,414
Oruro City in Bolivia 208,684
Potosí City in Bolivia 141,251
Montero City, Bolivia 112,837
Camiri City 33,838
Cobija City in Nicolás Suárez Province, Bolivia 26,585
San Ignacio de Velasco City in Bolivia 23,569
Tupiza City 22,233
Warnes City 22,036
Villamontes City 18,761
Villa Yapacaní City 18,187
Huanuni City 15,492
Punata City 15,194
Patacamaya City 12,260
Portachuelo City 11,485
Uyuni City 10,293
Achacachi City 8,447
Aiquile City 8,224
Tarata City in Cochabamba Department, Bolivia 8,043
Capinota City 5,157
Chimoré City 5,147
Comarapa City Provincia Manuel María Caballero 4,445
Jorochito City 4,013
Colomi City 3,921
Sipe Sipe City 3,776
Limoncito City in Santa Cruz Department, Bolivia 3,622
Boyuibe City 3,075
Puesto de Pailas City 2,675
Mapiri City 2,597
Sorata City 2,190
Coripata City 2,107

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