Republic of Azerbaijan Cities & Towns

The largest city of Republic of Azerbaijan is Sumqayıt with a population of 341,200. Other cities include, Mingelchaur population 98,800, Sheki population 86,698, Şirvan population 86,500, Neftçala population 41,264

Cities, Towns, Neighborhoods & Other Populated Places in Republic of Azerbaijan.

Sumqayıt, city in Azerbaijan

Mingelchaur, city

Sheki, city in Gifu Prefecture, Japan

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City Name Title County Population
Sumqayıt City in Azerbaijan 341,200
Mingelchaur City 98,800
Sheki City in Gifu Prefecture, Japan 86,698
Şirvan City in Azerbaijan 86,500
Neftçala City and municipality in Neftchala, Azerbaijan 41,264
Ağdam City in Azerbaijan 39,451
Zaqatala City 31,300
Qazax City in Azerbaijan 28,000
Quba City in Azerbaijan 23,900
İsmayıllı City and municipality in Azerbaijan 20,660
Aghsu City in Azerbaijan 20,200
Pushkino City in Ardabil, Iran 18,182
Qusar City in Azerbaijan 16,500
Qax City 13,800
Aghstafa City and municipality in Azerbaijan 12,400
Ordubad City in Azerbaijan Ordubad Rayon 10,372
Naftalan City 10,100
Goranboy City in Azerbaijan 7,333
Şuşa City in Azerbaijan 4,446
Yardımlı City in Azerbaijan 4,004
Şahbuz City and municipality in Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan Shahbuz Rayon 3,127
Askyaran City in Isfahan, Iran 1,639
Xızı City in Azerbaijan 1,024