Wyoming Counties

Wyoming, least populous state of the United States of America. There are 23 county in Wyoming. You can find the list of these counties and detailed information from the links below.

Laramie County
Laramie County

Laramie County, population 100,595

Natrona County
Natrona County

Natrona County, population 80,815

Campbell County
Campbell County

Campbell County, population 46,676

Wyoming is the least populous U.S. state, yet it has 23 counties that govern the state's vast rural lands. Here's an overview of Wyoming's counties:

The most populous county is Laramie County, home to the capital and largest city of Cheyenne. Other relatively populated counties include Natrona County (Casper), Campbell County (Gillette), Sweetwater County (Rock Springs), Fremont County (Riverton), and Albany County (Laramie). These counties contain most of Wyoming's urban areas.

Wyoming's least populated counties are found in the central and western parts of the state. These include Platte County, Goshen County, Hot Springs County, Park County, Washakie County, and Sublette County. These rural counties have small towns spread out across great distances.

Many of Wyoming's counties feature wide-open spaces, rugged mountain terrain, pristine forests, and access to outdoor recreation. Popular tourist destinations can be found in Teton County (Jackson Hole), Sheridan County (Sheridan), Park County (Cody), Albany County (Laramie), and Carbon County (Rawlins).

Wyoming counties vary greatly in size. At 3,536 square miles, Sweetwater County in the southwestern part of the state is nearly 15 times larger than Niobrara County at 236 square miles located in the northeast corner of Wyoming. Both of these counties have small populations though despite their vastly different sizes.

Most counties in Wyoming have economies based around agriculture, energy extraction, and tourism. The more urban counties have government, education, healthcare, and retail contributing to their economies as well.

So while Wyoming may be the least populated state overall, the counties provide local government and economic centers for residents spread out across this frontier state known for its natural beauty and outdoor recreation opportunities.

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County Name Population Cities
Albany County 38,950 Albany County cities
Big Horn County 11,575 Big Horn County cities
Campbell County 46,676 Campbell County cities
Carbon County 14,711 Carbon County cities
Converse County 13,804 Converse County cities
Crook County 7,593 Crook County cities
Fremont County 39,317 Fremont County cities
Goshen County 13,235 Goshen County cities
Hot Springs County 4,425 Hot Springs County cities
Johnson County 8,588 Johnson County cities
Laramie County 100,595 Laramie County cities
Lincoln County 20,253 Lincoln County cities
Natrona County 80,815 Natrona County cities
Niobrara County 2,275 Niobrara County cities
Park County 29,331 Park County cities
Platte County 8,578 Platte County cities
Sheridan County 30,863 Sheridan County cities
Sublette County 9,856 Sublette County cities
Sweetwater County 42,673 Sweetwater County cities
Teton County 23,497 Teton County cities
Uinta County 20,215 Uinta County cities
Washakie County 7,760 Washakie County cities
Weston County 6,743 Weston County cities

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