Utah Counties

Utah, state of the United States of America. There are 29 county in Utah. You can find the list of these counties and detailed information from the links below.

Salt Lake County
Salt Lake County

Salt Lake County, population 1,165,517

Utah County
Utah County

Utah County, population 651,059

Davis County
Davis County

Davis County, population 359,232

The state of Utah contains 29 counties that oversee a landscape of mountains, canyons, plateaus, and deserts. Here's an overview of Utah's diverse counties:

The Wasatch Front region in northern Utah contains the most populous counties including Salt Lake County and Utah County, home to Salt Lake City and Provo respectively. Other densely populated Wasatch Front counties include Davis, Weber, and Cache counties.

Central Utah is home to Sanpete County and Sevier County which boast small cities, farming communities, and mountain recreation. Rich County and Summit County offer mountain getaways and outdoor activities.

Northeastern Utah contains Duchesne County, Uintah County, and Daggett County which govern the Uinta Mountains region. Energy production and wildlife areas can be found here.

Southeastern Utah is covered by Carbon County, Emery County, Grand County, and San Juan County. These counties oversee canyons, plateaus, and desert landscapes rich in Native American culture.

Southwestern Utah counties encompass popular national parks and recreation areas. Washington County contains St. George while Garfield County and Kane County sit near famous parks like Bryce Canyon and Zion.

The desert counties of Tooele, Juab, Millard and Beaver govern the western expanse of Utah. These rural counties provide governance over a hot, arid landscape.

Utah's diverse counties oversee everything from major metropolitan centers to remote wilderness and each one provides essential services tailored to their distinct geography and communities.

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County Name Population Cities
Beaver County 6,761 Beaver County cities
Box Elder County 57,007 Box Elder County cities
Cache County 130,004 Cache County cities
Carbon County 20,760 Carbon County cities
Daggett County 1,026 Daggett County cities
Davis County 359,232 Davis County cities
Duchesne County 19,894 Duchesne County cities
Emery County 10,147 Emery County cities
Garfield County 5,050 Garfield County cities
Grand County 9,796 Grand County cities
Iron County 56,814 Iron County cities
Juab County 12,122 Juab County cities
Kane County 7,914 Kane County cities
Millard County 13,327 Millard County cities
Morgan County 12,462 Morgan County cities
Piute County 1,473 Piute County cities
Rich County 2,452 Rich County cities
Salt Lake County 1,165,517 Salt Lake County cities
San Juan County 15,278 San Juan County cities
Sanpete County 31,393 Sanpete County cities
Sevier County 21,780 Sevier County cities
Summit County 42,499 Summit County cities
Tooele County 74,512 Tooele County cities
Uintah County 35,970 Uintah County cities
Utah County 651,059 Utah County cities
Wasatch County 35,300 Wasatch County cities
Washington County 184,913 Washington County cities
Wayne County 2,759 Wayne County cities
Weber County 262,658 Weber County cities

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