T ai pei Shih (Taipei City) , Taiwan

T ai pei Shih:



Taipei City is located at 25°4'59"N 121°33'12"E (25.0830000, 121.5533100).

T ai pei Shih map

The largest city of Taipei City is Taipei with a population of 2,692,118. . See all Taipei City cities & populated places.

Taipei City Quick Facts

Country : Taiwan
State : Taiwan (Taiwan)
Time Zone : Asia/Taipei
Local time : 05:03:30 (24th September 2021)

T'ai-pei, T'ai-pei Shih, Tai Peh Municipality, Taibei Shi, Taibei Shih, Taipei, Taipei City, T’ai-pei Shih, tai bei shi, 台北市, 臺北市