Cities & Towns in Republic of Senegal,

Republic of Senegal, Independent country in Western Africa. As of 2020 country had an estimated population of 15,850,567 inhabitants. The country was created 63 years ago in 1960. Its capital city is Dakar.

There are 3 city/town in Republic of Senegal, . The largest city of Republic of Senegal is Joal-Fadiout with a population of 36,735. Other cities include, Vélingara population 22,441 and Mékhé population 19,242


Joal-Fadiout, City


Vélingara, City of Senegal


Mékhé, City of Poland, 20 miles NNE of Kraków

All Republic of Senegal Cities (Aphebetical)

List of cities, towns, neighborhoods & other populated places in Republic of Senegal.

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City Name Title County Population
Joal-Fadiout City 36,735
Vélingara City of Senegal 22,441
Mékhé City of Poland, 20 miles NNE of Kraków 19,242

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