Saint Peter Port , St Peter Port

Saint Peter Port: Parish and port of Guernsey in the Channel Islands


Saint Peter Port Quick Facts

Population : 16,488
Country : Guernsey
State : St Peter Port (Guernsey)
Postal code : GY1 3RY
Area : 6.5 km2
Altitude : 0 feet / 0 meters
Capital city : Saint Peter Port is capital of Guernsey
Time Zone : Greenwich Mean Time
Local time : 18:11:58 (4th October 2022)
Saint Peter Port locator map
Location of Saint Peter Port on St Peter Port map.
StPeterPortSouth image
StPeterPortSouth image


Saint Peter Port is located at 49°27'35"N 2°32'7"W (49.4598100, -2.5352700).

Saint Peter Port map

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