Provincia de Entre Rios (Entre Ríos Province) , Entre Rios

Provincia de Entre Rios: Province of Argentina


Entre Ríos Province Quick Facts

Population : 1,373,270
Country : Argentina
State : Entre Rios (Argentina)
Head of government : Governor of Entre Ríos
Area : 78781 km2
Official name : Entre Ríos
Legislative body : legislature of Entre Ríos
Altitude : 187 feet / 57 meters
Capital : Paraná
Time Zone : UTC−03:00
Local time : 09:28:05 (21st May 2022)


Entre Ríos Province is located at 32°0'0"S 59°0'0"W (-32.0000000, -59.0000000). It has 8 neighbors: Corrientes, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Departamento de Soriano, Departamento de Salto, Departamento de Rio Negro, Departamento de Paysandu, Departamento de Colonia and Provincia de Santa Fe.

Provincia de Entre Rios map

The largest city of Entre Ríos Province is Gualeguaychú with a population of 78,676. Other cities include, Concepción del Uruguay population 67,895 and Gualeguay population 33,120. See all Entre Ríos Province cities & populated places.

    Gustavo Bordet ,

Entre Ríos Province has 8 neighbours.

  • Colón Department
  • Gualeguay Department
  • Gualeguaychú Department
  • Nogoyá Department
  • Uruguay Department
  • Federación Department
  • San Salvador Department
  • Victoria Department
  • La Paz Department
  • Islas del Ibicuy Department
  • San José de Feliciano Department
  • Concordia Department
  • Villaguay Department
  • Tala Department
  • Diamante Department
  • Paraná Department
  • Federal Department


Year Population % Change Method
2010 1,235,994 - census
2019 1,373,270 10% census

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