Cities & Towns in Republic of Paraguay,

Republic of Paraguay, Independent country in South America. As of 2020 country had an estimated population of 6,811,297 inhabitants. The country was created 212 years ago in 1811. Its capital city is Asunción.

There are 14 city/town in Republic of Paraguay, . The largest city of Republic of Paraguay is San Lorenzo with a population of 227,876. Other cities include, Encarnación population 74,983, Ayolas population 12,061, Areguá population 11,222, Horqueta population 10,531

San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo, City in Paraguay


Encarnación, City and department capital of Itapua, Paraguay


Ayolas, City and district capital in Misiones, Paraguay

All Republic of Paraguay Cities (Aphebetical)

List of cities, towns, neighborhoods & other populated places in Republic of Paraguay.

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City Name Title County Population
San Lorenzo City in Paraguay San Lorenzo 227,876
Encarnación City and department capital of Itapua, Paraguay Encarnacion 74,983
Ayolas City and district capital in Misiones, Paraguay Ayolas 12,061
Areguá City and capital of the Central Department of Paraguay Aregua 11,222
Horqueta City in Concepción, Paraguay Horqueta 10,531
Paraguarí City and department capital of Paraguari, Paraguay Paraguari 10,079
San Pedro de Ycuamandiyú City and department capital of San Pedro, Paraguay San Pedro Del Ykuamandiyu 9,360
Capitán Bado City in Amambay, Paraguay Capitan Bado 9,114
Benjamín Aceval City in Presidente Hayes, Paraguay Benjamin Aceval 7,751
Yaguarón City in Paraguay Yaguaron 7,181
Quiindy City & District in Paraguarí, Paraguay Quiindy 5,137
Atyrá City in Cordillera, Paraguay Atyra 4,768
Fuerte Olimpo City and departmental capital of Alto Paraguay Fuerte Olimpo 2,475
Caapucú City in Paraguarí, Paraguay Caapucu 2,284

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