P yongan namdo (South Pyongan), South Pyongan

P yongan namdo: Province of North Korea


Quick Facts about South Pyongan

Country : Korea under Japanese rule, North Korea
State : South Pyongan (North Korea)
Area : 12330 km2
Capital : Pyongsong
Establishment : January 01, 1896 (126 years ago)
Time Zone : UTC+08:30
Local time : 11:09:12 (1st July 2022)


South Pyongan is located at 39°30'0"N 126°10'0"E (39.5000000, 126.1666700).

P yongan namdo map

The largest city of South Pyongan is Anju with a population of 50,196. . See all South Pyongan cities & populated places.

Heian, Heian South, Heian-nan, Heian-nando, Heian-nandō, Hpyen-an, Hpyeng an, Nam Pkhion-an-do, Nam Pkhiön-an-do, P'yongan, P'yongan-namdo, P'yongnam, P'yŏngan-namdo, Pheng-an, Pingngan, P’yŏngan, P’yŏngan-namdo, P’yŏngnam, South Heian, South Heian Province, South P'yongan Province, South Phyeng-an, South Pyong-an, South Pyongan, South P’yŏngan Province, Southern Phyeng-an, Southern Phyeng-ān, Sud-P-hjong-an, Süd-P-hjöng-an, Yuzhny Pkhion-an-do, Yuzhny Pkhiön-an-do, pyeong-annamdo, pyeongnam, 평남, 평안남도