North Dakota Counties

North Dakota, state of the United States of America. There are 53 county in North Dakota. You can find the list of these counties and detailed information from the links below.

Cass County
Cass County

Cass County, population 183,904

Burleigh County
Burleigh County

Burleigh County, population 96,212

Grand Forks County
Grand Forks County

Grand Forks County, population 69,481

North Dakota contains 53 counties encompassing wide open plains, rugged badlands, and historic cities. Here are some highlights:

Burleigh County

Home to capital city Bismarck, Burleigh County offers:

  • The North Dakota State Capitol building with its 19-story art deco tower
  • Dakota Zoo showcasing bison, elk, and black-footed ferrets
  • Buckstop Junction for Wild West shows and stagecoach rides

Morton County

This county along the Missouri River contains:

  • Mandan Rodeo Days with professional rodeo events and lively parades
  • On-a-Slant Indian Village displaying reconstructed earth lodges
  • Lewis and Clark Riverboat for scenic cruises and dining

Williams County

In oil-rich northwestern North Dakota, Williams County provides:

  • The historic frontier town of Williston, named for early fur trader Alexander Williston
  • Lake Sakakawea, a massive Missouri River reservoir perfect for boating and fishing
  • Fort Buford State Historic Site with an original 1800s stockade

Stark County

Centered around Dickinson in the badlands, Stark County has:

  • South Heart Coal Mine Tours taking visitors inside a former lignite coal mine
  • Buckstop Junction with gunfight reenactments and saloon shows
  • Numerous dinosaur fossil exhibits

From the rivers to the badlands, North Dakota's counties offer everything from frontier history to outdoor recreation. The diversity across the state provides remarkable sights.

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County Name Population Cities
Adams County 2,188 Adams County cities
Barnes County 10,402 Barnes County cities
Benson County 6,762 Benson County cities
Billings County 890 Billings County cities
Bottineau County 6,287 Bottineau County cities
Bowman County 2,986 Bowman County cities
Burke County 2,118 Burke County cities
Burleigh County 96,212 Burleigh County cities
Cass County 183,904 Cass County cities
Cavalier County 3,713 Cavalier County cities
Dickey County 4,705 Dickey County cities
Divide County 2,277 Divide County cities
Dunn County 4,465 Dunn County cities
Eddy County 2,179 Eddy County cities
Emmons County 3,187 Emmons County cities
Foster County 3,165 Foster County cities
Golden Valley County 1,737 Golden Valley County cities
Grand Forks County 69,481 Grand Forks County cities
Grant County 2,215 Grant County cities
Griggs County 2,207 Griggs County cities
Hettinger County 2,438 Hettinger County cities
Kidder County 2,458 Kidder County cities
LaMoure County 4,033 LaMoure County cities
Logan County 1,880 Logan County cities
McHenry County 5,695 McHenry County cities
McIntosh County 2,440 McIntosh County cities
McKenzie County 15,242 McKenzie County cities
McLean County 9,416 McLean County cities
Mercer County 8,174 Mercer County cities
Morton County 31,503 Morton County cities
Mountrail County 10,502 Mountrail County cities
Nelson County 2,789 Nelson County cities
Oliver County 1,926 Oliver County cities
Pembina County 6,658 Pembina County cities
Pierce County 3,928 Pierce County cities
Ramsey County 11,388 Ramsey County cities
Ransom County 5,173 Ransom County cities
Renville County 2,283 Renville County cities
Richland County 16,156 Richland County cities
Rolette County 14,165 Rolette County cities
Sargent County 3,913 Sargent County cities
Sheridan County 1,275 Sheridan County cities
Sioux County 4,173 Sioux County cities
Slope County 747 Slope County cities
Stark County 32,107 Stark County cities
Steele County 1,890 Steele County cities
Stutsman County 20,498 Stutsman County cities
Towner County 2,108 Towner County cities
Traill County 7,959 Traill County cities
Walsh County 10,437 Walsh County cities
Ward County 68,466 Ward County cities
Wells County 3,709 Wells County cities
Williams County 38,700 Williams County cities

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