Nomos Thesprotias (Nomós Thesprotías) , Epirus

Nomos Thesprotias:


Nomós Thesprotías Quick Facts

Country : Greece
State : Epirus (Greece)
Altitude : 1,923 feet / 586 meters
Time Zone : Europe/Athens
Local time : 09:44:35 (21st January 2022)


Nomós Thesprotías is located at 39°30'0"N 20°19'60"E (39.5000000, 20.3333300).

Nomos Thesprotias map

The largest city of Nomós Thesprotías is Peć with a population of 48,962. . See all Nomós Thesprotías cities & populated places.

Nomo Thesprotias, Nomos Thesprotias, Nomó Thesprotías, Tesprotida, Tesprótida, Thespratia, Thesprosia, Thesprotia, Thesprotía, Thespròtia, Θεσπρωτία, Νομός Θεσπρωτίας