Nomos Fthiotidos (Nomós Fthiótidos) , Central Greece

Nomos Fthiotidos: Prefecture of Greece


Nomós Fthiótidos Quick Facts

Country : Greece
State : Central Greece (Greece)
Postal code : 35x xx
Plate code : MI
Area : 4440 km2
Capital : Lamia
Establishment : January 01, 2011
Time Zone : UTC+02:00, UTC+03:00
Local time : 11:18:22 (30th November 2021)


Nomós Fthiótidos is located at 38°49'60"N 22°25'0"E (38.8333300, 22.4166700).

Nomos Fthiotidos map

The largest city of Nomós Fthiótidos is Lamía with a population of 52,006. . See all Nomós Fthiótidos cities & populated places.

Fthiotida, Fthiotis, Fthiotyda, Fthiótis, Ftiotida, Ftiotide, Ftiótida, Ftiótide, Nomos Fthiotidhas, Nomos Fthiotidhos, Nomos Phthiotidas, Nomós Fthiótidhas, Nomós Fthiótidhos, Phthia, Phthie, Phthiotis, Νομός Φθιώτιδας, Φθία, Φθιώτιδα, Φθιώτις

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