Cities & Towns in Nomós Évrou, ESYE11

Nomós Évrou, prefecture of Greece. Its county seat is Alexandroupoli.

There are 23 city/town in Nomós Évrou, ESYE11. The largest city of Nomós Évrou is Alexandroupoli with a population of 52,979. Other cities include, Deçan population 50,500, Orestiáda population 16,221, Didymóteicho population 8,336, Strellc i Epërm population 6,100


Alexandroupoli, City in Greece


Deçan, City in Kosovo


Orestiáda, Genus of fishes

All Nomós Évrou Cities (Aphebetical)

List of cities, towns, neighborhoods & other populated places in Nomós Évrou.

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City Name Title Population
Alexandroupoli City in Greece 52,979
Deçan City in Kosovo 50,500
Didymóteicho Town 8,336
Féres Turkish author 5,403
Irzniq Village in Kosovo 2,200
Isniq Village in Kosovo 5,500
Kamariótissa Human settlement in Greece 1,022
Kavýli 1,531
Kyprínos 1,095
Lagós 1,536
Lávara Village in Greece 1,447
Lloqan Stream in Zambezia Province, Mozambique 1,050
Lluka e Eperme Village in Kosovo 1,500
Lumbardhi Village in Kosovo 1,500
Miessaari Municipality in the region of Northern Ostrobothnia in Finland 967
Néa Výssa Town 2,673
Orestiáda Genus of fishes 16,221
Papraqan Village in Kosovo 1,288
Prilep 2,500
Rízia Village in Greece 1,645
Souflí 4,149
Strellc i Epërm Village in Serbia 6,100
Vartiosaari Municipality of Åland, Finland 430

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