Naples , Napoli, Campania

City in Campania, Italy


The city has a total area of 45.95 square miles (119.02 km2).

Naples map

Naples Quick Facts

Population : 966,144
Country : Kingdom of the Two Sicilies
State : Campania
County : Napoli
Head of government : mayor of Naples
Postal code : 80121–80147
Plate code : NA
Phone Area Codes : 081
Area : 119.02 km2
Official name : Napoli
Easternmost point : Point(14.3537376 40.8575122)
Northernmost point : Point(14.2478681 40.916123)
Patron saint : Januarius
Legislative body : Naples City Council
Official language : Italian
Altitude : 56 feet / 17 meters
Capital city : Naples is capital of Kingdom of Sicily
Time Zone : Europe/Rome
Local time : 06:13:54 (12th April 2021)

    Luigi de Magistris ,

Naples has 14 neighbors .

Year Population Method
2015 975,260 demographic balance
2016 972,212 Istat
2017 989,789 demographic balance
2018 966,144 demographic balance

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